Name: Mark Rasmussen

Position: Welder

Time at Moots: 4 years

I grew up in Santa Cruz, Ca. (Actually Felton for anyone who knows the area well_. A great place to live in case you haven’t been there.  Mountains, trees, ocean.  What more could you want….snow maybe? Great memories of riding HWY 9 on my red Peugeot 10 speed.

Favorite thing other than biking? Well I’m a trumpet player and it’s what I love.  Sometimes it feels like work, well, sometimes it is.  But it’s my thing and it is always good.

The perfect day is anytime I get to shut out the voice in my head telling me about all the things I should be doing. Preferably this happens either out of town or out of the country, with the phone turned off, hanging out with the family.  Maybe throw in a good beer or glass of wine.

My favorite band? Nope, can’t do it.  Too many.  Favorite musician has to be Chet Baker. He was the best.  I you don’t know of him you have homework to do.  The first concert that I remember going to is fairly obscure.  Blancmange anyone? (high school in the ‘80’s is all I can say).

Mark writes about welding…..

“Working in the welding dept…..My little corner of the world here is generally spent with the frame jig.  I get to set the geometry angles, load the tubes into the jig, and tack (fuse) the frame into place.  From me it goes off to be finish welded.  (The beautiful stuff you see).  It is very cool to take some mitered tubes and build a bike.  It’s like the best erector set EVER.  It’s easy to get into the groove of work and let everything else go away, but I do often think about the bikes destination. Who the bike may be going to and the fact that what I’m building is eagerly awaited by someone who will hopefully put many miles and years into it.  The best part is seeing a Moots on the road and felling connected to it.”

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