Name: Caleb Franklin (Frankles)

Position:Lead welder, but maybe my co-workers have something to add…..

Time at Moots: 10 solid years

Caleb writes: “I was born in S. Carolina.  Mostly, though I grew up in indiana & then Ohio.  I came to Colorado for college and then just stayed.  Bikes have always been around in my life.  Once I could ride my Stingray w/out getting distracted by its sparkle & crashing in a parked car, I was free”.

My two main heroes are Nelson Mandela and my dad.  My pet peeve is when I lack patience.  Other than biking I love snowboarding, being a parent, skateboarding, fly fishing & my music collection.  My perfect day is cool & clear with any number of the above activities, ending with friends & a bbq.  Ithink the Beastie Boys are probably my favorite band (but don’t forget Bob Marley & Led Zeppelin. My first ever concert on my own was The Thompson Twins during Junior High.  Yep, that’s right.

Caleb’s wife write about him: “He holds wisdom in his eyebrows….he is a good papa and he is obsessed with skateboarding”.

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