We only use the highest quality US-made seamless Pi Tech 3/2.5 titanium tubing, cold-worked to maintain its outstanding strength to weight ratios and lifetime durability. And, then, we cut that tubing to exacting specs, by hand. Like a well-built foundation, the mitering process is where a great frame truly starts to take shape. The proper tube, cut the proper way, to precisely the right length, becomes the foundation for a great frame. Over the years, we’re refined our mitering process, even designing and fabricating our own proprietary tooling that enables us to craft each frame with outstanding precision. Each section of tube is mitered to marry to the other pieces of the frame with the fine tolerances that are at the basis of every frame we produce. The entire tubeset is then tested to assure the exacting geometry detail we’re after. Finally, all tubes are hand-formed to achieve the exact shapes each design requires for ultimate fit-up, which maximizes strength and sets our welding team up for greatness. When the raw tubes are reassembled on the jig to test fit a final time, light can barely pass through the joints.  We’re a little fanatical about the process, but to us, it’s the core integrity of every bike we make. Without this precision, we wouldn’t be properly building a high-end titanium bike.

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