Name: Willy Keane

Position: Miter, long ride bagger, finest coffee prep ever.

Time at Moots: 1 year

A bit about Willy…..

I grew up in Northern Idaho, and thanks to my parents, spent a lot of time backpacking, canoeing, xc skiing, camping and of course, bike riding. A turning point in my life came when I spent my hard earned cash on a brand new 1985 Rockhopper and a new world was opened up to me. Things quickly spiraled out of control (in a good way), and I was working in a bike shop the next year. A few years later I was learning the frame building trade. Lots of bikes, trails, rides, races, crashes and smiles have passed by, and I’ve now found myself working with some of the smartest and best builders anywhere, making the sweetest bikes around.

A great day for me is going on a long backcountry mtn bike ride on nearly deserted trails, starting with a cool morning flowing into a warm afternoon, then finishing up just as the sun is setting.

Some weaknesses include ice cream, good dark coffee, and brownies with no nuts in them.


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