Name: Nate Bradley

Position: Mitering, long ride planner

Time at Moots: 1 year

Some background—Grew up back east, in Delaware. Started racing BMX around the age of 6 or 7, moved onto mountain bikes at age 13. First mountain bike was a steel frame Jamis, 80mm of front travel (that never worked) with canti brakes and 8spd, was state of the art at the time. Moved out to Utah when I was 21, and got to experience real mountains, long climbs and big descents. After that I ended up in Australia for more than a year, and then here in Steamboat with Moots.

I have had quite a few bikes in my life, ones that stick out are my mid 80′s Torker BMX bike, that my mom got from a guy she worked with at a record store, more cuts and bruises came from that bike than I can imagine. I had an 01 Turner RFX, awesome bike, the six inches of travel was revolutionary to me.

One of my favorite things to do is to bake bread. Not standard white loaf bread, but artisan sourdoughs and ryes, french baguettes, and others. I enjoy reading books on bread and spending time perfecting recipes and creating wonderful loafs. I love food, growing up back east, food is a major part of life, there is just so many wonderful flavors and backgrounds around. I also enjoy traveling and playing hockey.

A good day for me is when I am outside enjoying sunny weather and riding my bike somewhere that I have not been able to ride or see before.

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