We pride ourselves on using only the highest quality raw materials possible throughout our range of products.  This goes beyond our titanium frame tubing to include the small, meticulously machined parts that are welded into or assembled onto our bikes. So, we created our own custom machining department at Moots.  By doing so, we maintain the freedom to create prototypes and build our own tooling for R & D and fabrication purposes, which in the end leads to better and more thoughtfully built bikes. More so, all the small details that are included in our frames—cable stops, stem binders, bottom bracket shells, disc mounts, rocker arms, and stem face plates, for example—are designed by us and then machined in-house to assure each frame is completed to perfection.  By machining everything in-house we also maintain complete Moots quality control on the process and can better control delivery times to our customers.  In the end, it ultimately results in a better finished product, which is why we take the time to do it the way we do.  Call us stubborn. Call us perfectionists. But it’s the way we build our bikes.

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