Name: Evan Soard

Position: Machining, keeper of Baxter the dog.

Time at Moots: 3 years

About Evan’s roll in the miter shop he writes: “The mitre shop is where it all begins.  Every tubeset starts from a tube that is 20 plus feet long.  We part off every tube for each part of the frame to very specific lenghts.  Then each tube gets mitered to the very specific angles for each build.  We always say it’s the little things you don’t see that make a difference…..under those pretty welds are the tightest mitres you can find.  I take pride in the perfection of millimeters and angles down to the minutest detail.  The work coming out of the mitre shop has to be the best because it can affect the quality of work throughout the rest of the process……those little things that no one ever sees”.

Evan likes coffee in the morning, mixed with a little powder skiing during the winter, or single track by summer.  His first mountain bike was a Diamond Back Sorrento back in the day.

His wife writes about him: “Evan is a pretty great family guy.  To his dog Baxter, he is the center of the universe.  To his daughter, he is shaping up to be a fantastic father.  And to me he’s an incredible husband who needs coffee, food, love and some time on his bike to be a very happy person.

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