Name: Eric Hindes

Position: Machinist/ Butch’s helper monkey.

Time at Moots: 13 years


—growing up-Started in Massachusetts, Florida, and finally Iowa. I spent almost all of my free time riding bikes, skateboarding or going to see bands.  I guess not much has changed. Caleb keeps threatening to take me to the new skatepark …….

Bikes in your life- There have been many:

1977 red Vista with 20” wheels and drop bars.

1978 Rampar. It was this badass burnt orange color. I spent many a summer day working on my 2 wheeled drifts in the mulch at Hickory Hill Park.

1979 Raleigh Record. Got some ProTogs wool jerseys and Le Coq Sportif shorts and hit the road.

1980-1983 kind of a blur. I worked at a local shop and was paid in shop credit. I had a Viner touring frame for a while, a Raleigh Super Record, and rode my dad’s Raleigh Professional too. I finally settled on a Rossin that I still have.

1983-1987 My dad came home one day talking about these things called mountain bikes? Soon after we had a constant rotating fleet. My first was a Raleigh Record with canti’s brazed on with 27” wheels and Specialized Tri-Cross tires. It was a singlespeed too. I was so cool. I still have my 1942 La Salle- another singlespeed with canti’s brazed on.

1988-1992 We got tired of piecing them together and started buying them. I had a Specialized Stumpjumper Comp,  a Salsa ala Carte with a Bontrager fork. I think it had some ridiculous Slasa stem on it, 150mm with 19” wide bars. No wonder it took 10 years to figure out how to bunnyhop!

1993- I worked for Tom Teesdale mitering tubes and doing finish work. I got a taste for framebuilding and cheap bike parts. Start downward spiral here…..

1995-2000 I was head mechanic and service manager at the Iowa City Spoke. Lots of cheap parts and PRO-FORMS! There were custom Teesdales, a couple Cannondales, and I fillet brazed a mountain frame in my parent’s garage without burning it down, I still have that too.

2000-present- A YBB, a Smoothie, a Vamoots, a Rigor, a Psyclo-X, a Cinco, and most recently a new Psyclo-X SL with PressFit30 and a few other top secret bells and whistles.

Pet peeves?  My new favorite is getting buzzed by a car with “Respect Life” license plates. Who’s life?

—favorite thing to do other than biking? Mountain biking with friends?

—the perfect day?….Something cliché like tacky trails and great friends? Bottomless Pow with my Girl? Rolling up to 7-11 for a carton of Marlboro Reds, some Go Go Taquitos and winning  $278Million in Powerball!! Perfect!!

—favorite band? First concert you saw?

I always hated the “Favorite Band” question. There are so many great bands out there. First concert was Husker Du 1985- I was underage but I knew the guy at the door- he wasn’t too happy to see me in line but shoved me through the door anyway as he shouted something about drinking and trouble….. It was a great show and great people watching experience for a 16 year old……ears rang for days.

—anything else you would like to add?

Couldn’t get any kind words out of Miles(Erics’ dog)……. Just licking….. thanks buddy.

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