Name: Butch Boucher “Bobby Boucher”

Position: Design, CNC care taker

My card says product development which I help with, but I also make stuff with big machines, buy lots of Titanium and shoot my mouth off about almost anything, especially if I’m not asked.

Time at Moots: 14 years

Bike industry experience (or how I got to Moots).

80 – started road riding Univega Gran Primeo, ’81 – bought a Bruce Gordon road frame and built it up with Campy Super Record; road a lot.  ’83-‘86 worked in Seattle WA selling Eddy Merckz, Medici and Miyata bikes for Velo Stores pro shop Pine Street Cycles. In ’86 cross country tandem trip, worked in shops,  summer ’87 toured France on tandem, fall of ’88 started Co-Motion Cycles. The next 7 years were about metal work, frame building as a business and riding. Sold my share of Co-Motion in ’95.

Moved to Steamboat to weld at Moots in ’96. We had 6 of us here in 800 sq. ft. with tools, material, jigs etc.

In ’97 we expanded and I managed the new space. Some mitering was done at the original location and the rest of sales and production was done at the new space. Those were the days of good parties at Sore Saddle and a little craziness amongst us. Co-Owner of Sore Saddle, Trip, always said “no more than 3 Moots employees at a time at a party”. I did that for 8 years. In ’05 went to part time and hourly running machines, helping with tooling, designs and sourcing raw material.

First memorable bike, Schwinn Sting Ray, red, 5-speed, banana seat, monkey bars, slick on the back. Great skidding bike.  Next bike ~ ’72 an Italian 10 speed. Finally, I could ride a wheelie.

When I started to ride I rode with a guy who had a beautiful Colnago with everything drilled out. I loved the look of lugged road frames and saved my pennies for the Bruce Gordon. He was the home town builder, Eugene,OR and after I bought the frame for $650 I cleaned it every ride, admiring his work each time.

I owned and road  Vitus aluminum while I owned the Bruce.

I have had a direct hand in the process of building all of my bikes since ’87.

Heroes – anyone who has battled cancer.

Pet peeves – People who don’t care. At least try.

—favorite thing to do other than biking?

Travel, explore, ride or ski with my daughter and wife.

—the perfect day?….

Last fall I had lots of them in Costa Rica… but in Steamboat in summer, morning ride up and around and down Emerald, good food, a ride with my daughter on Spring Creek trying to hit the puddles and riding through the creek. Gardening and hanging in the back yard might come into play and some other secret activities followed by a nice bottle of wine and food the three of us prepare. In winter, powder on the mountain or in the backcountry with a couple of friends or my family.

—favorite band? First concert you saw?

Being in the shop all day we listen to a variety of rock and roll new and old angry and nice, but since ’78 the Grateful dead has had a grip on me that has been hard to break. First concert -’75 Stephen Stills and Neil Young.

—anything else you would like to add…???

14 years at Moots – why? Two things keep me coming back and loving what I do.

  1. The product. Every day we try and make the product better than the day before. How can we make the quality better, faster, more beautiful, better riding, longer lasting. That pursuit is intoxicating. Hearing how much our customers like their bikes is really great, but building something and riding it and knowing it feels “right” is even more satisfying.
  2. The people. The bike industry is full of “unique characters” and Moots is no exception. Over the years the people that have worked for Moots and who I am in contact within the industry are hugely entertaining, both hilarious and thought provoking, but they have been dedicated to the craft as well. I have been fortunate to teach a lot of employees the ins and outs of what we do. Nothing has been more satisfying than seeing them become better at there craft than I can ever be.

His wife writes:

“When my husband, Butch, and I first got together he hand built me a courtship bike. A green, steel mountain bike sized perfectly for me. He cut our initials into the bottom bracket. It was so romantic. I still have the bike, of course. Recently Butch converted it to a towny with smooth tires, a basket, towny handle bars and a kick stand. It might still be my favorite bike although since then he’s built me a titanium mountain bike and road bike as well as a titanium tandem road bike. He knows how to keep my love alive!”

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