Once a frame is welded, it’s off to the finishing crew.  Head and seat tubes are reamed by hand. Bottom bracket threads are chased and faced. Frame alignment is checked a final time. And then each frame goes through a special glass-bead blast process that gives it the signature Moots titanium satin finish.   It’s during this process that suspension shocks and YBB units are assembled, and decal kits are applied.   Then each frame gets a special hand wax treatment.  Throughout the journey, the Yellow Card tracks each step and is personally signed by each member of the team, approving the progress through the overall process.  Only then, after the bike has been thoroughly inspected, do we install the cast head badge and it is officially a new Moots.   We give it a final hand-polish and carefully and lovingly pack it up for delivery to the dealer.  At that point, up to a dozen people have personally (and passionately) helped bring it into the world.  The Yellow Card gets packed up with a few other items from us to the new owner, and it heads out the back door of the factory on the first of what we hope is a lifetime of great journeys.

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