Name: Sam Gordon

Position: King of Finland?  Nah, just a finish guy…

Time at Moots: 9 years

Lots of bikes growing up, followed by a brief interlude of about ten years where I skied, pickled my liver for a living and cooked.  Wait…is that right?  Ah, nevermind.  Just as I was burning out, Moots came along and rekindled my love for cycling, and I honestly couldn’t be happier than I am right now, doing what I do.  Seriously.

Juli (Sam’s wife) writes about Sam:

“I would describe Sam as many things…a husband, a cyclist, lead of the finish department at Moots, a musician, a skier and a dedicated friend.  But the thing that makes Sam the man he is, is the way in which he commits his entire self to everything  he does and everyone he cares about.  It is Sam’s passion that makes him the best person in the world to spend time with!”

Sam on his job at Moots:

“The small stuff I never used to think about.  Its crazy how many little touches go into a frame.  That’s what I love about Finish.  Make sure it’s aligned, make sure there are no burrs, make sure the decals are perfect, all that stuff you wouldn’t notice while riding until it isn’t done right.  Looking at a finished frame and thinking, “damn that thing is cool”, even after five and a half years, makes me come in every day with a smile on my face.”

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