Lacey Lebaron
Moots Finisher
Time at Moots: 1 year+

Growing up with the Colorado Trail in my backyard and access to 5+ ski resorts twenty minutes from my house was nothing less than awesome. I spent my winters snowboarding 60-80 days a season; in the spring I played rugby and the summers were spent working and riding bikes. While my friends went hiking I would go adventure on the trails in my backyard where I would usually get lost and end up on what I thought were epic adventures.

Eventually I ventured out of my parents basement for college at the University of Colorado at Boulder, where I spent lots of time road riding in the surrounding mountains.

A perfect day: overcast and cool (below 70F) with a nice mountain bike ride maybe a Stinger loop. Or 75-80F for a nice road/dirt adventure, which Steamboat has plenty of!

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