Since Moots first introduced rear suspension to the mountain biking world in 1988, the YBB has been an institution unto itself.  First crafted in steel, the YBB then found its permanent home in titanium in 1991.  With 1 1/8’’ of rear wheel travel, the YBB provides just enough cushion to take the edge off most of the small hits on any given ride.  It’s been ridden to multiple national championships, state titles, 24-hour solo wins and local mid week series podiums. Low maintenance is key with the Ybb design, no compressed air or oil to leak and cause you to miss your next ride. The Ybb unit only adds 4oz. to the frame weight. Cross country riding will never be the same once you climb onto the Ybb. Using Moots US-made seamless 3/2.5 Pi Tech tubing ensures a consistent ride quality, regardless of frame size. Built in eight stock sizes, with custom design always and option.

Intended use: For the cross country rider looking to take just enough of the edge off the trail while cross country riding or racing.  True. Classic. The industry benchmark softail.

Pure and simple sums up the Rigormootis. A traditional hard tail design with modern day features. For the cross country purist that wants a hassle free no holds barred performance frame ride after ride. The Rigormootis is a modern take on the classic that started it all back in the day….rigid, light, bomb proof, all in one beautiful package. Built using our US made seamless 3/2.5 Pi Tech tubing that is handpicked for each size to ensure a ride that is solid, light and flawless. Built in eight stock sizes, with custom design always available. Intended use: For the cross country rider or racer that loves a high-performance ride in a classic package.

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