New updated geometry for Fall of 2013!

The Psychlo X has been the go-to-machine for Cyclocross for many years and this year it gets some tweaks to take it to the next level of an all-around race, gravel and adventure bike. Not afraid to be ridden on road, in group rides and beyond.

To achieve a better-rounded ride we lowered the bottom bracket height to give the bike a lower center of gravity on loose dirt and gravel. Next we slackened the angles to make the bike track better while riding changing surfaces. We have also made the 44mm head tube standard on the Psychlo X to accommodate tapered forks & disc brakes. Max tire size in the standard Psychlo X is 34mm.

450 Chain stay option—Want to build the ultimate in adventure bikes that can handle a bigger tire? We’ve added the option of a 450mm chain stay to the Psychlo X which will allow the use of a 40mm tire. Deep back country Forest Service roads, dicey double track and even some single track are within reach with the longer chain stay and bigger tire.
For many, this frame quickly becomes the utility bike they can’t live without, once the cross season comes to a close. Built in 7 stock sizes with custom always available.

Intended Use: True all-out Cyclocross performer, ride, train or race. The ultimate gravel grinder for dirt roads or muddy fields.

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