Travel light, travel far. With this superlight, seatpost-mounted rack and bag system you can hold up to 5 lbs. in two 200-cubic-inch bags in style. Top and bottom bags slide onto the 125-gram titanium rack for a secure, stable fit.  The lower bag has a durable Hypalon™ bottom for abrasion resistance. The upper bag has an expandable “stuff pouch” for a quick rain jacket stash, as well as internal Velcro pocket for keys and elastic loops for tubes and Co2 cartridges.  Both bags have rubberized cover zippers for long life and ease of use.

Weight: rack + 1 seatpost shim weighs 125 grams

Complete system weights 400 grams

Includes shims for most popular seatpost diameters

5-lb weight limit

400-cubic-inch volume


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