A high-end component should be durable, beautiful and especially user friendly.  Enter the Cinch post.  This post was a culmination of years of experience building titanium seat posts (nearly 20 years). Through those years we have sought to design the perfect post that is easy to use, durable and extremely light.  The Cinch Post is a result of all that learning, realized in a single, beautiful component. Using two outer plates to hold the post in the fore/aft adjustment, a third internal 5mm bolt easily adjusts tilt.  This dual adjustment lets you adjust one without affecting the other.  Simple, durable and secure, chose from our straight or layback versions.  The Cinch Post is available in two diameters (27.2 and 30.9) in three different lengths (280mm, 340mm and 380mm).

Please note: Cinch post is only compatiable with 7mm round seat rails.

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