1-TITANIUM TUBING US-made seamless cold-worked, stress-relieved (CWSR) 3/2.5 titanium tubing. The strongest thin-wall material available.

2-DOUBLE PASS WELDS Ensures Penetration deep between the tow joined tube, leading to stronger joints and finer welds. The only real way to weld Ti.

3-REAL DEAL HEAD BADGE Hand-cast and-painted, Mr. Moots leads the charge, with road or mountain styling.  Drilled, tapped and screwed into place. No decals here.

PRECISION ALIGNMENT Using precise miters and specific weld sequences and techniques, frame alignments are maintained to the highest industry standards.

MACHINED-TITANIUM WELDED FITTINGS The little details, like welded in H2O bottle mounts that ensure a no-hassle frame for many years to come.

BREEZER-STYLE DROPOUTS Provide the lightest, stiffest connection between dropout and chain stay to keep drive-line solid, stiff, light and responsive.

REFINED GEOMETRY Size- and model-specific angles, tube set and dimensions; even the chain stays vary by size.

FRAME PREPARATION Moots frames are fully faced, chased, deburred and prepared for ease of assembly with the mechanic in mind.

4-SATIN BEAD BLAST FINISH Smooth, consistent, durable and signature Moots.