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November 2015
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GrassMoots rider Dave Gensch got out this last weekend for a Psychlo X adventure ride. Dave is based out of Carbondale, Colorado which leads to riding options more than the mind can imagine.  He write’s …..

“The Creek Loop”

Many miles of dirt, exciting single track, some pavement, a good friend, and Cross bikes…A Sunday well spent.

Starting at 6:15 a.m. Darin and I ride from our collective doorsteps in Carbondale, up the ranch road to the start of the Prince Creek single track.  The cool crisp air brings a freshness that hasn’t been felt since the last spring freezes. Autumn is here.  Summiting the divide, the Blue moon, a few days waning, sets in the west as the sun rises through the stubborn monsoonal clouds left behind from the night before.  Mount Sopris sits closely on the Southern horizon and the ride unfolds before us.

The next 30 miles covers mostly dirt back roads through lots of stunning ranchland, and rises and falls along the base of the Elk Mountains to the base of Snowmass Ski Area.  A steep climb takes us past the archeological site of the Mammoth fossil discovery, recently shut down to continue excavation at the site for snowmaking…Really  Then up to the top of the Rim Trail.

With in seconds we find ourselves helplessly laughing as we test the edge of control on the super fast single track and the Cross set up.  My new Psychlo-X rallies hard and sticks corners that I think for sure, aren’t going work out.  Climbing up the steep shale is physically tough but feels faster than a mountain rig.

After more giggle inducing and sideways sliding downhill, we hit the pavement for the next 20 miles and start up the Cattle Creek hill in the heat of the day.  The climb is relentless and rewards us with a, Pavement Ends sign.  Now on the other side of the Roaring Fork Valley, we ride up Coulter Creek and into Spring Valley. The north-facing valley where we had been only a few hours ago, is now getting drenched in rain and we ride on through the picturesque valley.

A steep, hairball dirt road spits us back onto the valley floor and on to the bike path.  Ten miles to go, but in good Belgium style, we stop off for some “recovery” suds to enjoy on the path home.  The viewpoint, now our furthest point West on the ride, picture frames most of the 91 miles we road and we cheers to a Sunday well spent.

You can check out the ride data here: THE CREEK LOOP

The bike that took Dave there and back:


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