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October 2015
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I Dream in Ti

True story, the night after the Test of Endurance I dreamt that the storage unit in my condo was broken into and my collection and my quiver of Moots were stolen, again. Somehow the thieves had managed to jackhammer their way through the back wall and completely clean out the unit.   I’m practically in tears.

Then the dream turns wild, a sketchy van comes driving down the ramp and somehow I just know the guys inside the van are behind this.    The driver gets out we argue and I walk up the ramp to where my car is normally parked and the thieves have bicycle chop shop.  These guys haven’t just stolen my bikes; they are cutting the parts up, removing couplers and sawing Titanium Tubes.  I grab the down tube of the Mooto-X and start wielding it like a sword and yelling for my wife to call the police.  She being the good journalist she is tells me, “We need more facts before we call the police”.   Of course I wake up before things get really interesting.

Apparently I still have unresolved feelings for the bikes that were stolen from me in 2008 but I’d like to think it has more to do with electrolyte imbalance from the Test of Endurance 50 I completed the night before.   The Test of Endurance throws it all at you: gravel logging roads and single track packed into 8200’ of elevation over 50 miles.  On a week where I spent more hours on a plane than the 4:50 it took me to complete the course I still managed to grab a podium spot in the CAT 1 35-39 field.


Set Up:  Mooto-X YBB, SRAM XO, DT Swiss Wheels with Maxxis Crossmark/Ignitor combo.

Patrick Wilder lives in Portland and rides & races on the GrassMoots team.  He travels weekly for work and enjoys life to the fullest….usually on his Moots.  To us he’s one of best people you could ever be lucky enough to ride along with….


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