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December 2015
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Two of mans best friends; dogs and single-track

The Moots GrassMoots SE team files this report of bike racing, donut eating and cool fall riding in the south.  Trails littered with fallen leaves after a hot and muggy summer of suffering.

The Southeast GrassMoots team has been blessed with amazing fall weather the past few weeks. For us, fall is when mountain biking picks back up, July through September generally being miserably muggy and hot. Jeff, Keith, and I got out today for a fun paced ride with the pups on our first cold snap day of the year: 46 degrees F for the high. This is the time of year we live for to be out in the woods. It’s a great break from racing and the heat, perfect for camping and riding.

As far as racing goes, the past 3 race weekends have been pretty good to us. The Monkey Bell race had Adam and Keith placing in the top 3 in the singlespeed class, with Adam taking the win and then immediately (as in within seconds of finishing) lined up with us Cat 1′s and still managed to take 2nd place. Despite it being my first race back after a summer of health issues and suffering some awkward calamity each of the 3 laps (tree to knee, faceplanted head crater, and a flat) I managed to scrape by enough to hold off 5 laps Adam and take first place.

Don’t stop me now! Broken lever mid-ride.

Lock 4 was next where Adam repeated his SS and Cat 1 racing, again taking the SS class win and Adam D’s dollar at the same time. Then came the Dirt, Gut, and Donuts fundraiser for, a non-profit started by local mountain biker and all-round good person Matthew Portell. Dirt, Gut, and Donuts name is a takeoff of an infamous local 12hour race called Dirt, Sweat, and Gears. Dirt, Gut, and Donuts is a fun based race where you earn a time deduction for each donut eaten at each of the donut stops along the race route.

Keith, coming back from a short racing respite, stuffed his way into first place in the SS (powdered donuts) class by eating 13 donuts giving him a finishing time of 37:41. Our Amazing Adam managed to dunk local pro racer (and friend) Dustin Greer by 2 donuts and 20 seconds for first place in the under 165 (Jelly Donuts) class with 10 donuts and a finishing time of 28:27. Our Kanza Killer Scott McConnell managed 3rd place in the SS class with an amazing 15 donuts eaten, garnering him 3rd place overall! He was also the only one of the top 3 overall to not puke, by the way.  Overall winner was local legend Johnny Crow with an unbelievable 33 donuts eaten! You can see the full results and check out RideForReading by going to

Crisp, 45 degree weather and mountain bikes….

Next up was the infamous Race to the Canal where we had another strong showing and podium stacking of GrassMoots racers. Adam and I took on the Cat 1′s yet again armed with our Moot’s hardtails and only single gears. 37 juicy point to point miles of single-track from the South end of Land between the Lakes to the Canal on the North end. Keith, Jeffy, Adam, and I all had great races but Adam amazed us all by setting the fastest time overall with his single speed MootoX!

Tubless Smoobless…trailside repair in progress..

Cyclocross is hitting its stride here too with several races coming up and over 40 races on the calendar. As well as a 6 hour mountain bike race and Pisgah adventures with a few epic gravel grinder races in TN and Indiana coming up. Daylight savings time might be soon putting us into the dark earlier, but the sun isn’t setting on all the racing and adventures to be had here in the Southeast. Get out and ride your bikes!

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