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December 2015
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I like their style...

Our Fort Collins GrassMoots Racer Andrew Carney checks in this week with some insight to the Bailey Hundo.  Andrew is known for his one gear adventures and lightweight overnight bike touring antics.  Seems that even in the “shorter” races he finds some bad weather and tight racing.

He writes in……

What’s up? I headed down to the Bailey Hundo again this year trying to repeat my win from last year. The day started early with a 6 AM start from downtown Bailey as we headed out on a 7 mile road roll out before the singletrack started. As last years SS winner I got a first row call up, but on the road I was spinning with all I had to get a decent position into the singletrack.

Ready on the start line....3, 2, 1, ....

Ready on the start line….3, 2, 1, ….Once off the road we were treated to 50 miles of fast, rolling, and flowing singletrack. It’s pretty dang easy to keep things red lined when you’re grinning ear to ear railing corner after corner. At the 60 mile mark we left the singletrack for good and finished the last 40 miles out on pavement and dirt including climbs up and over Windy Pass and Stoney Pass. I kept on the gas as much as possible even through a good 15 minutes of hail and rain near the top of Stoney Pass

You say you like loads of fun trails? They have that.

For the last 10 miles I was trading blows with another singlespeeder and we took it to the line with him coming across only 30 seconds after I did. Racing down to the wire is type 2 fun at its best!  All told it was a great day riding with good friends for a good cause as the event proceeds help to benefit Trips for Kids and the Colorado High School Mountain Bike League. Add this race to your calendar for next year!!

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