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December 2015
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For the love of winter……

Moots GrassMoots racer Collin Huston checks in from New Hampshire during his early base mile rides and gives some insight to Moots options he wished he had.  Collin writes;

And so it begins, yet again. Base training has begun and I’ve gotten my Psychlo-X set up and ready to go with a pretty sweet fender/training kit.

Fender kit? What’s so interesting about that?

Well, when ordering my cross frames I had the option for fender mounts (options, that’s Moots for ya) and being the racer weenie I am I responded, “Fenders? Pshhh, this is a titanium race bike!” Fast forward 5 months and guess what, my back and feet are wet. So, I took a trip to the local bike shop and scooped up some spare rack install parts and various nuts and bolts. After a bit of trickery I got the fenders set up and managed to use 7 different tool sizes in the install. That should make them fun to take off!

I also added what I call the Homer Marx extension. The rear fender doesn’t reach down very far and while this keeps me dry my riding buddies get sprayed pretty well. I cut up an old Home Depot bucket (the Homer bucket) and zip tied it onto the rear thus acting for the greater good (Marx).

A Moots lives behind this door…..ah college life.

Training has been going well around these parts. It is really nice this time of year to be able to go out with friends and really go places when you ride. On rides under three hours it is hard to make much progress into new realms around these parts but the 4 hour range offers up a gateway to new and fun roads, towns and of course coffee shops.

And while the road riding has been good the New Hampshire winter thus far has proved some great snow. Being that NH has a big population of “sled-necks” there are a lot of great snow mobile trails very close to me. For those of you that haven’t tried snow mobile trails for riding before, it is a great time as long as the snow is cold enough that you don’t sink in too much. Riding through the woods in the silence of winter is pretty awesome and as long as you keep your speed up it isn’t too difficult.

Out on the snowmobile trails…

In addition to the snow mobile trails I’ve also found the ultimate cross training routine courtesy of a couple friends. There is an abandoned ski mountain (hill for those of you from the west) about an hour and a half ride from campus. My friends drive over there with my snowboarding stuff and then I ride over and meet up with them and spend a couple hours hiking up and getting in some great, local back country powder. Definitely the highlight of my winter training routine.

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