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November 2015
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Jason Achilich–Team GrassMoots Bio

Coming to the end of summer and our 2nd year of Team GrassMoots we are proud to have worked with loads of quality racers, riders and ambassadors who really have a love of all things Moots.  Most recently we recieved a bio from Jason Achilich out of Richmond, VT.  He also just spent his honeymoon in Steamboat…at the Moots factory apartment….how’s that for dedication.  All I can say is hold onto her for dear life!

Name: Jason Achilich

Nicknames: j.

Date of Birth: January 3, 1979

Residence: Richmond, VT 05477

Mailing Address: 112 Cochran Rd.

Voler Clothing sizes:  Large

Home Phone: (802)310-2053

Cell Phone: Same


Tell us about the following:

What Moots are (or will be) in your stable? Mooto-X Rigormortis is built up and ready to go.  With proper tire choices, this will be my xc race bike, commuter, and choice for 100-200K dirt road brevets.

Disciplines & categories you compete in:  XC racing, Endurance mountain and Endurance Road.

How did you enter the world of competitive cycling?  I started to ride seriously while a freshman at UNH.  Before that time I road my mountain bike along the dirt roads and potato fields of Long Island.

Goals for 2010: Comeback year.  I am looking to spend more time on the bike and pick the races that I want to participate in.  After excelling in 24 hour solo races for a time, I will break out of that mold again this year, focusing my time on races shorter than 30. My focus for the year is a respectable finish to the New England Championship Series, a local series through EFTA.  Except for the Ultimate XC Challenge in Canada.

What aspects of Titanium stand out to you? That special ride.  Lack of rust. Durability. Vertically smooth, while still remaining laterally stiff.

Where do you spend your time outside of racing? I am a homebody; our home butts up to a 9 square mile plot of land protected by the local conservation commission; which is a great place to hike with the dog.  Spending afternoons tending to our garden, with hopes of producing a fair amount of our food this summer.

How are you motivated to be part of the Moots Family?  First, the quality of work and knowing that titanium give you the best ride and does not need to be combined with any other materials.Second, the philosophy company to ride you bike as much as possible, to work, to the store, to the group ride.

Lastly, it allows help spread the word of bikes built on the shores of the U.S.A.  Not in the chest thumping nationalistic form, but by showing the quality and craftsmanship of a frame built by a person you can share a beer with.  I want to see more people buy Moots, but even more so, I want to see people riding bikes built in this country.

Who is your biggest supporter when you race?  My fiancée, Brookes (the dog), and Thora (The cat).

Your profession:  Bicycle mechanic, who is transforming into an elementary teacher.

How are you involved with bikes outside of racing:  Trail building and maintenance with the Fellowship of the Wheel (  Also the bike shop where I work has a focus on commuting by bike; so I help people from all walks of life find ways to use bikes as transportation.

Favorite local ride: Dirt road/jeep trail pass hunting over the Green Mountains.  Shhhhhh…..

Favorite race highlight from 2009:  Over sleeping at the 24 hours of Great Glen, moving out of contention for a podium finish, then becoming the rabbit for George, and motivating (harassing) him to the second step on the podium.

Favorite race:  The now defunct Jay Challenge.  Hopefully the new Ultimate XC Challenge will be a worthy replacement.

Favorite non-racing event:’s Gravel Grinder

Favorite piece of bike racing equipment:  Ergon GX-1 grips.

Worst crash?  Hitting a waterbar, at dusk, with too much speed, then landing on my back in a rock garden.  Results: dislocated shoulder, and 3 cracks in my shoulder blade later.

Other noteworthy information about yourself?   I am a mountain biker with my roots in the old school philosophy of road racing.  My first two bosses while working in the bike industry were ex-pro’s.  They taught me a lot about servicing bikes, but also the finer points of riding and etiquette.  Technically I would consider myself a closet roadie, with a passion for dirt.

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