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November 2015
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12 Hours of Mesa Verde

GrassMoots racer David Gensch from Glenwood Springs, Colorado writes in with a wrap up of the 12 Hours of Mesa Verde……he writes:

“You know where we are going, right?” asks Don my duo race partner for the weekend.  After missing the turn to Placerville our tired eyes read the sign, 146 miles to Grand Junction and we realize that we blew it.  A circuitous detour tacks on two hours and hits the restart button on the continual game of Froger that we have been playing with various forms of wildlife since dark.  We arrive at the fairgrounds venue at 2:30a.m. and sack out.

It does not matter how late I go to bed, I will never be able to sleep in after being properly trained by my children.  We awake to a perfect Colorado day.  The morning comes slow involving coffee, racer check in, coffee and….. some coffee and then we pre ride the course.  This is the fourth time my wheels have hit the dirt since breaking my arm just over seven weeks ago and my smile is huge.  The riding here is fantastic and there are many words to describe Phil’s World, but they are all punctuated with, grown men and women will giggle like little school children.  The 16.5 mile ride is a buff, twisty, fast pump track of a race course with splashes of technical bliss.  As if my smile can get any bigger.  The fairgrounds fill up as the cool air settles the hot dusty day and we all enjoy some local Ska beer.

Morning comes quick and the mood is electric with the cumulative notion of what’s to come.  A Le Mans style run starts the race off and Don peddles out on our first lap.  Waiting in the exchange tent and watching most of the field come in, my mind teeter totters on mechanical or wreck, mechanical or wreck?  Double flats within a half mile….one tube, one air cartridge.  You do the math.  The day starts out pleasant but gets warm quick.  Even with the limited passing spots everybody seems to play well with each other and the vibe is great.

Working into my third lap my atrophied arm muscles become quite prevalent and the very active “good line” becomes harder to follow.  Something my road and trainer miles don’t replicate.  Don digs deep for a hot lap in the afternoon sun, no pun intended, and comes in shortly after the cut off time so our race is finished.  We finished in the top half of a large stacked duo field.  Not what we were hoping for but a great day on our bikes.

Ska Brewing came down from Durango to help sponsor the event and put down some laps.  What a great group of people.  Dave, Arlo, and many friends, you guys rock.  Tim from Zia Taqueria filled the hungry bellies of at least 50 people with the finest after race food I have ever eaten.  The event volunteers and staff were amazing and the race was very well organized.  My Mooto X YBB never fails to amaze me as this bike is pure joy.  Thanks Moots.  Rising early the next morning in the dark to get home for Mothers day we silently say good bye to all and flip over the perpetual hour glass till next years race.


David Gensch

Grass Moots Rider


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