Below, you will find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we receive from customers and potential customers.  If you cannot find an answer to your specific question, please feel free to contact us anytime.  We can be reached by phone at 970-879-1676 or e-mail: info@moots.com


Where can I find past Moots catalogs and the Moots Custom Brochure?

You can find those items right here by clicking the links below:









What options and/or stock features can I get on my Moots?

Your new Moots is built with a number of well thought out stock features that we feel have been well refined over our years of frame fabrication. However, you can also choose to have your Moots built with other optional add-ons.  You can view the entire menu here:

Moots optional & standard features menu

Sales and Company Info Related Questions:

Where is Moots located?

We are located in Steamboat Springs, Colorado which sits at 6,700 feet above sea level in the Colorado Rocky Mountains.  Our small mountain town of 12,000 people averages 350 inches of snow per year and has some of the best trails and roads to ride in the entire state.  Steamboat offers us a wonderful testing ground right out our front door to make sure all of our frames and components will perform at the high standards we set for them.

Can I take a tour of Moots?

Yes you can.  We offer full factory tours every M-W-F at 10 am. If you find yourself in Steamboat Springs, please drop by; we’d love to show you around and give you insights into the best single track options, most scenic road rides, sweet hidden powder stashes, best groomers and most abundant fishing spots.

Where did the name Moots come from?  And who is the alligator?

Mr. Moots’ (the alligator in our logo) goes all the way back to the founder’s grade school years.  His favorite pencil-top eraser was a loveable, smiling alligator character that accompanied him throughout his school days.  One day, while sitting a little bored in class, he squeezed together the alligator’s cheeks as if encouraging him to speak.  Lo and behold, out of his mouth came the faint cry of Moots, Moots, Moots…  From that day on, he named is pencil-top eraser Mr. Moots.  Mr. Moots soon took on a life of his own, appearing in numerous handwritten and drawn comic strips chronicling his various outdoor adventures including skiing, cycling and hiking. Thirty years ago, when it came time to put a name to the first custom bikes he built for his customers, the first choice in names was obvious….Moots.

Where can I find torque specs for Moots products?

You can find all official Moots torque specs right here by clicking: OFFICIAL MOOTS TORQUE SPECS

How do I replace the decals on my Moots frame, post or stem? DECAL INSTRUCTIONS

Where can I find installation instructions for my Moots Carbon Fork? (RSL, Road and Cyclocross)


Where can I get retail pricing on Moots frames?

All of our authorized dealers can supply retail pricing or you can give us a call at 970-879-1676.

How do I get a printed catalog?

One of three ways: 1. Visit your local Moots dealer. 2. Download one HERE.  3. Or call us at (970) 879-1676 and we will happily send one to you.

May I get free MOOTS stickers?

Yes you can.  Give us a call at (970) 879-1676 and we’d be glad to mail a few to you.

May I buy a bike direct from MOOTS?

We don’t sell our frames directly to end customers.  We value and rely on our network of expert Authorized MOOTS Dealers to assemble, sell and service our frames, and help you get properly fitted.  We do sell all our titanium components, clothing and accessories directly to customers through our online store.  Use the Dealer Locator on our home page to find your closest Authorized MOOTS Dealer . Or go to the Shop to check out our line of components and branded products.

How do I find my nearest Moots Dealer?


We have a very selective group of Moots dealer partners throughout the U.S., Canada, Asia and Europe.  In the U.S. and Canada, we partner with knowledgeable bike shops committed to representing and selling Moots frames and components and have the technical expertise to appropriately build high-end, high-performance bikes like ours.  We have a thorough, up-to-date Dealer Locator on our home page that will direct you to a MOOTS dealer near you. If you don’t see a Authorized MOOTS dealer close to you, please call us at (970) 879-1676 so we can help you determine the best avenue to purchase a Moots.

What is the warranty on your frames and components?

We offer a lifetime warranty on every Moots titanium frame.  This warranty is for the original owner only.  All aluminum rear triangles (Zirkel, MX Zirkel, Gristle Zirkel and Cinco) come with a two (2) year warranty.   All stems come with a five (5) year warranty. All seat posts come with a two (2) year warranty.



What do I do if I have a warranty related question or concern?

Please contact your Authorized Moots Dealer where you purchased your frame or component.  Or, call us directly at (970) 879-1676.

How can I register my Moots frame warranty?

You can register your Moots frame online by clicking on the link below.


Where are your products made?

100% of our frames, stems, seatposts and titanium accessories are crafted by hand in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.  The aluminum rear triangles on our full-suspension mountain bikes are handbuilt for us by two different partners in the United States.

Can I get my frame painted by Moots?

We do not offer paint as a finish option on any of our Moots frames or components.  We choose not to paint our products for a couple of reasons.  Most notably, we prefer the classic beauty of the titanium satin finish which best showcases the beautiful Moots welds, and has become the signature of all things Moots.  Additionally, a non-painted titanium bike means you don’t have to worry about chips, dings and paint damage.  Plus, you can send your frame to us at any time to refinish it to look like new.

That said, many customers decide they would like a painted Moots frame.  In that case, we are always happy to prepare your frame for paint and work with you and/or your Authorized Moots Dealer to determine the best painter to use for your particular needs.

Does Moots sell replacement decal kits for frames & components?

Yes we do.  In our online store you can find decal kits for every model and component we make.

What is a refinish/refurbish job? Can Moots add disk brake mounts to my frame?

Yes and Yes.

One of the finest aspects of owning a Moots is that it’s a lifetime frame.  So, after you have owned your Moots and put many miles on it, you can send it back to us for a refinish job that will make the frame appear nearly like new.  Once the frame reaches Moots we will do the following:

-remove all old decals

-remove shock unit and inspect (all YBB’s and Full-Suspension bikes)

-check frame alignment

-add disc mounts, in necessary, to your Moots mountain frame or cross frame

-we will add hydro guides to the seat stay kit for hydraulic lines

-we will add 3 hydro guides to the top tube at the 7 O’clock position under the top tube to guide the hydro lines

-re-finish the entire frame with our signature satin bead-blast finish

-install new YBB slider if needed (extra charge for parts)

-apply new decals (current design only)

**THE PROCESS: Please  have your Moots Dealer contact us or if you’d prefer, you can all us directly at (970) 879-1676 to receive an Return Authorization Number so you can send your frame to us (please have serial number handy, located on the bottom of the bottom bracket shell).  When we talk to you or your dealer, we will issue an RA# and take other pertinent information including your address, phone number, and method of payment.  You then ship the frame (stripped of all parts) to us at Moots. (Please use the below address).  An extra charge will be applied for removing any parts still remaining on the frame.  Turnaround time upon our receipt of the frame is generally 4-8 weeks, depending on time of year.  Also, please note the customer is responsible for all shipping costs and appropriate taxes.


Frame Fitting and Ride Quality

Can you tell me what size frame I need?

Yes, to some degree.  We can talk with you over the phone and give you a pretty good idea what general size you might be.  However, the proper way to be fitted on one of our bikes is to have an Authorized Moots Dealer perform a professional fit for you.  This will determine whether or not you are best suited for a stock size frame or a custom Moots fit.

How does Moots measure their frames?

On each model page of our website there is a Geometry Tab that will show you the specs of the frame and how we arrive at those measurements.  This information in also available on the two geometry table pages in our product catalog.

Is there a rider weight limit on you frames?

Yes.  On our Ybb SL model we want to have a rider that is 170 pounds or less, not a strength issue but a ride quality issue.  The Ybb SL is built for the lighter end of the rider spectrum.  A heavier rider will feel less desirable ride characteristics vs. a lighter one.

What is the recommended fork rake for my Moots road bike?

There are many fork options to choose from when selecting a fork. It’s important to ensure the fork you choose, whether it’s a Moots fork designed specifically to complement our road frames, or another brand, has the appropriate fork rake for the given geometry of your frame. Listed below are the recommended fork rakes for each of our stock size road frames.  All custom frames will include a recommendation for fork rake:


Please use this table to select the correct fork rake for Vamoots and Compact models up through 2009.

Size of bike                                     Rake

48.5cm                                            50mm

50cm                                               50mm

52cm                                               45mm

53.5cm                                            45mm

55cm                                               45mm

56cm                                               45mm

57.5cm                                            40mm

59cm                                               40mm

61.5cm                                            40mm

Please use this table to select the correct fork rake for Vamoots CR and Vamoots RSL from 2010 and newer.

Size of bike                                     Rake

48cm                                               50mm

50cm                                               50mm

52cm                                               45mm

54cm                                               45mm

55cm                                               45mm

56cm                                               45mm

58cm                                               40mm

60cm                                               40mm

62cm                                               40mm

Please use this table to select the correct fork rake for Vamoots from 2009 through 2013.

Size of bike                                     Rake

48cm                                               50mm

50cm                                               50mm

52cm                                               50mm

54cm                                               50mm

55cm                                               45mm

56cm                                               45mm

58cm                                               45mm

60cm                                               45mm

62cm                                               45mm

Please use this table to select the correct fork rake for Vamoots from 2014.

Size of bike                                     Rake

48cm                                               50mm

50cm                                               50mm

52cm                                               50mm

54cm                                               50mm

55cm                                               50mm

56cm                                               50mm

58cm                                               50mm

60cm                                               45mm

62cm                                               45mm

What amount of Fork/Front Shock travel will best match my Moots mountain bike?


MX Divide                                                            100MM

Divide                                                                  100MM

Mooto X RSL                                                       100MM

Mooto-X (Ybb)                                                     100MM

Mooto X                                                               120MM (18” and bigger) 100mm 17” and smaller

Ybb (12’’ to 16’’)                                                   80MM

Ybb (17’’ to 22”)                                                   100MM

Rigor Mootis (12’’ to 16’’)                                     80MM

Rigor Mootis (17’’ to 22’’)                                    100MM

Gristle  (all versions)                                           100MM

Cinco (all sizes)                                                   120MM TO 140MM

Zirkel                                                                   100MM TO 125MM

Mooto XZ                                                            100MM

Smoothie (all versions)                                       100-120MM


Can I run a bigger travel fork than what Moots recommends?

This is not advisable as the geometry will be changed and riding experience could be compromised.  Please stay with suggested fork lengths and travel for the best performance.

How do you measure Moots stems?

We measure them from center of steerer tube clamp to center of handle bar clamp along the side center line.

How do I size your apparel?

In our store we have manufacters listed sizing charts.  Please refer to them when choosing a size.  Call us if you are uncertain and we can guide you to a size.

Technical Product Questions

What is the steerer tube clamp height on Moots stems?

RSL STEM= 45MM            OPEN ROAD STEM= 45MM          OPEN ROAD STEM= 45MM

Does Moots make the Ti Beam stem any longer?

No, we do not.  We stopped making this stem in Fall of 2010.

Does Moots make custom components?

Yes.  We offer custom stems, handlebars and head set spacers. We do not customize seat post diameter or lengths.

Can Moots put more layback in the layback post?

No, we can’t.  We have very specific tooling that we do our bending with and cannot offer more layback.

The Vamoots RSL uses Press Fit BB30. What is that?

We have choosen to use the Press Fit BB30 bottom bracket in our Vamoots RSL frame.  This is a Sram BB30 standard that will allow you to use any BB30 crank on the market.  You can also use your 24mm spindle crank with adaptors if you like.  The Press Fit BB30 standard is a more refined BB30 standard that isolates the bearing from the frame material, resulting in a better working unit.  Have more questions?  Please feel free to call us.

Can I get the Press Fit BB30 bottom bracket in any other Moots models?

You can get a PF BB30 as an option on any model we make, except for the Frosti and Frosthammer.

When does my YBB Slider need to be replaced?

The Ybb Slider needs to be replaced about every 2-3 years depending on the amount of mileage and conditions (e.g. water and mud) the bike has encountered.  Parts can be ordered through your local Moots dealer or directly from the Moots web site store.

Where is my serial number located?

Your Moots serial number is on the bottom side of the bottom bracket. It will be a number followed by a letter, then a series of numbers for most.  EXAMPLE: 56M1967  (the first number indicates the size of the frame (in this case, 56 cm). Then the letter “M” for Moots and then numbers to identify to us when this frame was made.

How do I go about getting my frame refinished? Click Here to read more: MOOTS REFINISH.


Other Questions?

If you have any other questions about Moots and our fleet of titanium bikes feel free to drop us an email at info@Moots.Com.