At Moots 4ish months…in Steamboat Springs since 2007 (minus 2 years in Denver and 1 in Australia)…originally from Eugene, Oregon…a snowboarder…came to Steamboat Springs for the winter and stayed for the summer (pretty standard answer)…first (and current) bike the Trek Fuel EX7…Kayla’s pretty new to this mountain biking thing, but Emerald is her jam so far…outside of Steamboat she’s only ever been to 18 road in Fruita and loved it!…off her bike Kayla loves hiking and happy hour in the summertime, come winter she digs snowboarding and couch hangs with girly candles…a really good friend, who’s way into biking, introduced her to cycling. He encouraged her to start riding, and is so thankful he did. She says, “I am not very good at it, but it is my absolute favorite thing to do.”…Kayla has an irrational fear of people walking behind her on stairs, and has an affinity for awful top 40 rap.

What working at Moots means to Kayla: