At Moots for 2 years…lives in Phippsburg (aka P-Burg), CO…from the Front Range of Colorado…came to Steamboat Springs for Moots…he’s a skier…first bicycle was a ballin’ chrome Gary Fischer…current bicycles – a Schwinn Typhoon cruiser, “It’s red and white with a nice patina”, and a couple other steel and titanium ones….lives to explore South Routt rides…favorite non-Steamboat Springs ride  – The Canyon Crik…Dusty’s admires his Dad who commutes by bike 22 miles each way and has been doing so for over a decade…racing La Ruta, and then taking a couple months to slowly tour back home will happen some day…before riding it’s fresh bread and hot coffee…when he’s not on his bike, Dusty tries to catch fish, run, read, ski, make music, garden, or nap….a run in with the law got him into to cycling (hmmm…)…Dusty’s intrigued with the art of River Dynamics.

What working at Moots means to Dusty: