Folks call him: J5

Rides a: Rigormootis Slider rigid singlespeed, Mooto X RSL Slider rigid singlespeed,  and hopefully (this year) a Psycho X

Resides in: Rockvale, Tennessee

Riding and race history:

- XC/Endurance – Cat 1, SS, and Open
- Cyclocross – Cat 2, Masters 35+, and SS
- Gravel Grinders (the long self sufficient ones in exotic locales such as Kansas and Iowa)
- Thad jumped into competitive cycling with both feet. It only took one rainy, miserable Iowa mud race in ’04 to hook him to mountain biking for life. The fantastic members of the Murfreesboro Bike club and their “adventure” rides got him addicted to the longer gravelly back road exploratory rides.
-Took 2nd at his first Pisgah Mountain Bike Adventure Race attempt with teammate Rich Dillen in 2009, Won the Inaugural Gravel Grovel SS title in Story, IN, and took the series wins in both Masters 35+ and Singlespeed in the Cross the Way Cyclocross series.

Upcoming goals/race plans: Top of the SS podium at the DirtyKanza200, repeat 2nd or top step of PMBAR podium, complete his first stage race (Breck Epic), complete the Trans North Georgia route. Also to continue to educate others about cycling, rules of the road, and mediate between clashing user groups.

When not riding: Thad is hanging with his wife, Hilary (one of biggest supporters) as well as his dogs JD and Benjamin (his additional race support), he is the sales manager at MOAB Franklin. He volunteers to help maintain and build new trails with his local SORBA chapter and volunteers with Ride For Reading. He works with local bike shops and groups like Walk/Bike Nashville and Metro Nashville to help make a difference for non-car centered transportation.

Why MOOTS: “I got my first taste of what Titanium could do in July of ’05. I’d ridden 32 miles of the North/South Trail in Kentucky on my old Aluminum mtb. A week later, 3 friends surprised me with a used Titanium frame and I built it up with all the parts off my Aluminum frame. Having thought the full 64 miles of N/S a daunting task on the old ride, I rode all 64 miles the next weekend on the Ti ride feeling fresher than I had for the 32 Aluminum ridden miles the week previous. So the magic ride is one aspect.

Another aspect is resistance to corrosion, failure, and dings. My bikes live a tough life in muddy Middle Tennessee and the wash and wear features of Titanium are a godsend. Titanium frames offer durability in spades.

I come from a blue-collar family that taught me to take care of things. Titanium is the only material that allows me to play hard and still keep my toys nice.

I researched Titanium manufacturers and Moots was the only one who’s ethics, quality workmanship, and business practices agreed with my own. I have many friends who build great steel bikes, but the lure of the magic metal and the Moots reputation won my wallet.

The bike comes down to value. I don’t see it as just a luxury item for those with plenty of disposable income. I see it as a smart decision for those of us who don’t have a lot of money to spend for multiple bikes. It’s the perfect commuter, errand-runner, racer, all day trail rider, bike polo playing, pub-crawling human powered vehicle that lasts.

Getting to know the folks behind the curtain at Moots probably motivates me more than the bike though. Put simply, they care. They care about their impacts on the environment, about their product, about bikes, trails, commuting, safety, and good beer. You can’t help but be super motivated when surrounded by a group like that.”


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