Rides: Moots YBB, MootoX single speed

Resides in : Lookout Mt, Tennessee

About: After road racing for several years,  Tab decided to get in the mountains and started training for cross county and 50-100 milers.  ”I was hooked! I got into doing the 100 milers including Leadville three times, (twice on a MootX single speed) several 50-100 milers in the southeast and at least a race or two each season in the mother land (Colorado). Last year Tab completed the grueling La Ruta de Los conquistadores on his Moots YBB.

When not riding: Tab has been a self employed Real Estate Appraiser in Chattanooga for over 20 years. Married with a 10 year old daughter and an energetic chocolate lab, when not working, Tab stays busy spending as much time as possible doing anything outside and searching for the perfect IPA.

Goals this season: several 50-100 milers including the Snake Creek Gap, Southern Cross 50, Cohutta 100, Leadville 100, Fools Gold 100, the Pisgah 111, ORAMM,  La ruta de Los conquistadores and as many others that can be squeezed in.

Why Moots: I was traveling with an old friend to a race several years ago. He had an old Subaru with about 200,000 miles on it. Prob worth less than $1,000. He had a Moots YBB on the roof rack and a guy next to us made the comment that his bike was worth more than his car. He said “yes I have my priorities in order”.  At that point, I knew I had to have a Moots! I’ve had four including two single speeds and two YBB’s. I wouldn’t consider anything else. I love the fact that they are truly an American made product made with American titanium; hand built in the Rockies and signed by the craftsmen that assemble them. They are finely tuned like a handmade Swiss watch.

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