Folks call him: P-dub

Rides a:

- CX: Psychlo X  SS w/custom horizontal drops, Psychlo X RSL
- XC: Mooto X YBB Road: Vamoots CR (S&S couplered)

Resides in: Olympia, Washington

Riding and race history:

CX: Master CAT 1, XC: CAT 1, Road: CAT 3

Last year competed in the Crusher in the Tushar and 3 Peaks Cyclocross in England.

Growing up in rural Northern California, BMX was a way of life.  Patrick and his friends would watch the movie RAD and then go out and build their own “Hell Track”.  HIs dad was influential as well, he’ll never forget the day his dad showed up and pulled him out of school to take him to the bike shop to pick out a brand new GT Mach One, the first bike he raced in organized events. Favorite race highlight: Runner up to Ryan Trebon a few years ago at the Cross Crusade season opener. Favorite race: Lemurian Classic XC in Redding California

Upcoming goals/race plans: Patrick plans to continue to enter the toughest events, with difficult conditions and race against the best competition. He is toying with the idea of taking on 3 Peaks on his single speed.

When not riding: Patrick oversees the clinical services of 15 behavioral health facilities across the nation, so he spends a lot of time at 35,000 feet flying for work. When in his new home in Olympia, Patrick can be found sitting by the fire catching up on reading and episodes of Breaking Bad. He and his wife, Anita, both love to travel.

Why MOOTS: “Titanium may have been invented by the aerospace industry but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know after a long day in the saddle that Ti is silky smooth.  It’s light, stiff, and compliant and my teeth don’t rattle out of my head like other materials while riding the rough stuff. I’ve been fortunate to make some amazing friendships with Moots.  Riding for Moots for me now is more than just riding for some bike brand.  I want to share their passion with other riders.”

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