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October 2015
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This coming Saturday, October 10th, Moots will be on hand at our stand out dealer, STUDIO VELO in Marin county California to support the Jensie Grandfondo of Marin.  Our sprinter will be loaded with road demos for customers to ride the entire day during the fondo.  The proceeds of the event go to the Marin County Bicycle Coalition. The demo check out can be arranged through the shop in the days leading up to the event.  Give them a call, reserve a Moots and come ride!  3 distances to choose from.

Moots will be set up on Friday afternoon to do demo fittings and then again on Saturday in the Expo area.

Fondo participants are also eligible for the raffle drawing that contains a Moots stem & post! We will see you there!



We see a lot of bikes roll through our place, and well, because being a bike builder that tends to happen. During our tours that we give on M-W-F at 10 am we have seen the spectrum flow through our doors. This past week we had a gentleman come to Moots from the Denver area to take the tour.  Glenn Yinger brought along his daughter with the promise of a day trip to the mountains and a nice lunch if she went along.  He also brought along his 1991 steel Moots roadie.  It’s his daily driver and he estimates total mileage on it at 20,000 miles.  I was able to snap some photos of it as he toured through the building to see how we build our current bikes.

He’s replaced wheels, chains and…freewheels, but mostly it’s original as in 1991.

The original Mr. Moots headbadge with a tig welded joint and brazed on head tube rings.

Quill stems kids! 1” with Campagnolo head set.

An artful way to reinforce behind the head tube. Top & down tube were tig welded to the head tube, then rings & tange brazed into place.

Campy downtube shifters….friction.

Moots script logo + Moots made fork to match.

Prestige butted tube set.  This rig had to have pushed 22 pounds as pictured.

Gator mouth lug at seat tube.  This bike used both lugs and tig welding to join tubes.

1991 steel Moots returned to the Yampa Valley for a visit.

Mavic branded brake levers, made by Modolo.

And that “aero” looking Campy cage.

Tig welded bottom bracket + square taper spindle and Campy crank.



The Vamoots RSL show bike with the new fork.

A Moots Monday kicks off with a detailed look at our NEW tapered road fork we showed at Interbike 2015. As with our older road forks, this fork was designed in-house at Moots to meet our geometry needs across all of our road models and sizes. The full carbon one piece layup addresses ride quality of not being too stiff or harsh on the hands, as well as the need to be laterally stiff when under hard efforts. A small group of us at Moots have been riding the prototypes since late spring and can now bring this to our customers.

We will be able to ship the new fork starting November 2015.


Black on black finish only for the new Moots fork.

We felt the need to bring a tapered fork to market just as the Vamoots RSL and Vamoots CR have changed to the 44mm head tube as stock for the year model 2016.  So with the bigger head tube it is now possible to match it with a Moots fork.

Specifications of the NEW Moots tapered carbon road fork:

Finish: black on black only

Tapered 1.125 to 1.25

Rakes available: 43mm & 50mm

Axle to crown length:  370mm (standard road)

Weight:  335 grams (un-cut)

Max tire size:  28mm

Steerer tube length:  350mm

Drop out:  quick release

Included:  Internal expansion plug & cap

Price: $460.00

As noted above the NEW MOOTS FORK is a 1 1/8” to 1 1/4” (or 1.125 to 1.25)  tapered fork, which allows us to run the Chris King I8 . (You MUST have a 44mm head tube for this fork to work with your MOOTS.) By using the external 1 1/4” lower bearing of the I8 it keeps close to the same outside diameter as the 44mm head tube, for a sleek & smooth transition from head tube to head set.

The Chris King I8 gives the transition from head tube to lower bearing a smooth look.

Super clean standard quick release drop outs are molded as one piece with the fork.

Plenty of clearance for a 28mm tire.  Also, note the transition from head tube to lower cup to fork leg.  This was no mistake.

A 43mm and 50mm rake are offered to match Moots road geometry.





Backing up to the North American Handmade Bicycle Show this past February, we showed our first in-house etched finish job on a stunning Campy build.  That particular bike also received honorable mention in the Campy build category during the show.   It also went on to Pedalers Fork Bicycle Shop, where it now is being riding as a daily rider.

The in-house Moots engraved head tube. Clean, detailed…..and wait for it…..light!

Fast forward to this past week and the Interbike show, we added another option to the mix.  We now offer an engraved head tube to go along with the etched finish if you desire.  This can only be done on NEW orders and 44mm head tubes only.  This in-house process comes to us from our talented CNC department.  The head tube is engraved on the CNC before it goes to welding.  It features Mr. Moots riding through the mountains and also uses the ColoRADo “C” to make sure there is no mistaking what brand it is and where it is made.

The engraved head tube is also only available in conjunction with etched frames, which includes all models with 44mm head tube.

Price for the engraved + etched finish is $775.00. Orders now being taken.


The etched model name of the Vamoots RSL on the top tube.

Chain stay etched logo on the RSL.

Mr. Moots road guy on the seat tube.

Stem and post are also available in the etched finish. Pictured is the RSL stem with its ti hardware and windowed steerer tube.

Down tube etched logo.

Etched Cinch post to match the package.


The ROUTT 45 pictured with the bigger meats (1.75” or 47mm tires) Disc brakes with thru-axle front & rear.

Next up on our inside look at the bikes we took to Interbike is the ROUTT 45.  This bike and style of riding has really exploded in the last couple of years.  We don’t like the “grind” word, so we use mixed surfaces to adventure on this one. Lower gearing, drop bars and bigger tires allow the rider to take in just about any terrain they may encounter.  The name itself comes from the county in which Steamboat Springs is located.  Routt county has a massive network of dirt roads, b-roads and deep National Forest Service roads that pair perfectly with the ROUTT 45.  Toss on a set of bike packing bags and your adventure is only limited by your food supply.

The new Enve CX fork has room for big rubber.  Chris King at the steering controls.


The ROUTT 45 can and will take you just about anywhere you want to ride.  Gravel and dirt roads, double track to smooth asphalt.  With its 45cm chainstays tire choices can run on the big side…up to a 45mm tire (pictured with a 47mm on narrow rim)  and the world is yours for exploring onboard the ROUTT 45. The ROUTT 45  makes for the perfect travel bike with the S & S coupler option and an extra set of tires in the box.  You could ride light trail/heavy gravel one day, and with a set of 28mm road tires, the pavement loop you’ve seen on Strava the next.  Truly a versatile machine.

Under-top tube cable routing.  Leaves a nice clean top tube to rest on.

CHARACTERISTICS: Endurance fit—comfortable more upright position—road and double track-exploring, longer touring—

THE FINISH: : Moots satin bead blast finish with your choice of color outline and matching Moots anodized bits on frame, stem and post

12mm thru-axle front is the standard you can expect on road/cyclocross and gravel machines. Mavic supplies the Allroad wheel set that can swing between QR, 12mm & 15mm axles, tubeless ready.

The entire Moots Psychlo X & Routt models move to thru-axle as stock for 2016.  142 x 12, replaceable hanger.  Solid mounting and proper disc alignment everytime.

Mr. Moots goes along for every ride.


44mm head tube

Thru-axle as stock

140 post disc mount adaptable to 160

Oversized size-specific 3/2.5 U.S. made seamless titanium tube set

English threaded bottom bracket

45cm chain stays for 45mm tire max

27.2 seat post diameter

7 stock sizes, custom always available

Rear tire clearance is achieved by our wishbone seat stay kit.

Thru-axle with a clean bolt axle to match the front.  Post mount disc is standard….and of course Moots-breezer style drop outs for a solid drive line.

Where would you take this bike? Let the day dreams begin……..



We are back and collecting ourselves after Interbike and wanted to post the bikes we showed during the 3 days inside the lovely Mandalay Bay Convention Center.  First up is the MOUNTAINEER YBB +.  This caught the eye of many who have discovered the road & trail less traveled, the freedom that bigger tires + bike packing bags afford with a little imagination. You can check BIKEPACKING for the awards they wrote about and the kind words of John Watson of the RADAVIST We are working towards offering this frame in early 2016 in limited numbers and sizes.  We’ll be sure to post when we will be taking orders.  For now, here’s the lowdown on the build:

Boost 110 front fork.  Coming to a bike near you soon. Wider is better.



Prototype. By using BOOST 148 with prototype chain stays we are able to provide room for wide rims and a wide plus sized tire.  This combination with the legendary Moots YBB unit makes this the ultimate adventure bike.  It was only right that we brought back the original name of the very first Moots mountain bike: MOUNTAINEER. It stands for everything adventurous on a bike.  Loaded with PORCELIN ROCKET bike packing bags there is no terrain that this bike cannot handle. The main triangle bag is strapless on the down tube and top tube mounting points.  We used welded-in water bottle bosses and sturdy M5 X 16 bolts to secure the main frame pack.   Starting our 25th year of YBB production, we have evolved the collar of the YBB to be sleek and modern.

We borrowed the name from our very first steel mountain bike made.  It fit the bill of this adventure rig.

THE FINISH: Moots satin bead blast finish with your choice of color outline and matching Moots anodized bits on frame, stem and post.


–+3 crank set for boost 148 spacing, which also allows for wider set chain stays for 2.8 tire clearance.

–148 rear hub flange placement builds stronger, stiffer & more stable wheel.

–This frame design allows for use of wider rim technology available today for a     solid feel & precise handling.

–148 x 12 thru-axle

– Updated YBB unit

– 73mm bottom bracket shell

– 110 boost front fork

– Custom located mounting bosses for Porcelain Rocket bags

– This is a PROTOTYPE

–Limited production runs starting Jan 1 2016

Super slick, hidden mounting points inside the main frame bag from PORCELAIN ROCKET

148 BOOST rear spacking affords more room for wider stance chain stays, + 3 crank and good chain line. (side note; I love the green Shimano grease that stands out)

Plus sized rim & tire make for a mid-fat foot print.

The legendary YBB enters its 25th year of production and gets a sleek collar make over.

Top and side of tire clearance is good.








on the tops of the Shimano blue neutral support cars that is. The story….

The follow car behind the Pro 1/2 field at the Steamboat Stage Race 2015

Going back to 2012, Shimano first approached Moots at Sea Otter that spring and posed the question of us supplying them with neutral support frames.  They had used other brands that were built out of less durable materials and wanted to replace them with something much more durable and sustainable.  The days of traveling to Shimano events and unloading trucks with damaged or broken frames was something they wanted to put in the past.

U.S. Cyclocross Nationals Verona, WI  2012

After a few months of back and forth, a deal was struck to supply 12 Cyclocross frames in time for U.S. National Championships in Wisconsin.  The beautiful part of this is the deal that was struck was that they bought the frames from us and also left all branding on the bikes.  So that year when we attended and raced nationals in Verona, we took great pride in seeing the neutral pit all decked out with Psychlo X’s.  An even dozen of them!  The following year (2013) that fleet of Psychlo X bikes saw use from New England to Boulder and back to Verona, with the bonus trip to elite worlds in Louisville.  Shimano is the neutral support provider for the big UCI main events and our bikes were front and center that entire week.

The leaders of the  Pro 1/2 field at the Steamboat Stage Race 2015….Moots at the ready.

Onto the next phase of the Shimano neutral fleet and we found ourselves in the position to provide 30+ road frames for the men in blue.  This fleet would go to trade shows, dealer events and of course race events across the U.S. Working towards that date for road worlds in Richmond, which is now upon us.

Shimano neutral support set up camp at Moots before the racing started.

Just this last weekend we got a chance to see our handcrafted bikes clamped to the top of the Shimano Volvo neutral support wagons following the Steamboat Stage Race through the countryside.  It brought a ton of looks and nice comments, but really for us at Moots it brought to the surface the pride we have in the products we make.  And who knows, in the next couple of weeks there just may be a World Pro Tour riding needing a bike in a jam during the World Road Race Championships….I hope she/he likes the ride.

If you attend Worlds in Richmond and see the blue Shimano cars or their set up, snap a picture or two and send our way.  We may even set you up with some killer Moots swag!



The US Pro Challenge comes our way this week here in Steamboat.  We are the start town for the entire event and will be hosting the Stage 1 start & finish, as well as the start of Stage 2 as they leave the valley.  Moots has a host of activities around the event and we’d love to have you participate.  Below is a run down starting Friday August 14th.

Friday August 14th——-Moots factory tour at 10 am…Come take a tour of our place and see what “Handbuild in the Rockies” is all about.

Sunday August 16th——Orange Peel + Moots in the expo/festival area  12noon to 6pm.

Monday August 17th—–Moots factory tour at 8 am….Come take a tour before the racing gets under way.

Monday August 17th—–RAPHA/MOOTS group ride to the KOM on course.  This ride leaves Moots at 9:30 am sharp and will cover about 20 miles to reach the only KOM on the course.  Join us & RAPHA for a casual ride along parts of the same course.  We will cover some dirt roads to reach the KOM. Come prepared with food & water for the day on the KOM.  Once the race passes for the 2nd time on the KOM we will ride back to town for the finish and Orange Peel/Moots social at Orange Peel.

Monday August 17th—-Orange Peel + Moots will be in the expo/festival area.  If you don’t go on the ride, come see us downtown!  Expo is 10:30-5pm.

Monday August 17th—-Orange Peel + Moots are hosting you for an evening social at Orange Peel Bicycle Service from 6pm-8pm.  Come meet the great folks from Orange Peel and Moots in one great location.  1136 Yampa Ave—-only steps away from the finish line.  We’ll have “beverages” and light snacks.

Tuesday August 18th—-Moots group ride from Moots at 9:00am sharp.  We will ride from the Moots World HQ to the west summit of Rabbit Ears Pass.  Watch the race pass with the Moots Crew!

For anyone coming to town, please be prepared for traffic delays.  Click on this link to see what the impacts might be.


Also the expo/festival info



GrassMoots rider and all around great-guy Dave Gensch puts his cycling passion towards an amazing cause.  He writes about yet another year of supporting the Courage Classic in the Colorado high country.  He writes…….


Dave taps out the miles and reflects on what really matters..

Each year, I look forward to this event for a myriad of reasons. The route and riding covers some very scenic miles in Central Colorado over great passes, open mountain valleys, and ripping descents. The cause and fund raising efforts are motivating and inspiring. The most impactful part of this event are the stories from the families, children, and hospital staff. The courage and bravery, whether it comes from loss, the journey, or eventual health, is humbling to say the least. I again, had wonderful response to my donation requests and it’s all of you who are really helping make a true difference so thank you.

This year, my friend Justin White joined my father and I. Recovering from a recent hernia surgery, my dad opted to ride the abbreviated routes and was so happy to be part of the event and to ride his bike as much as he did following his surgery. Justin and I enjoyed the Copper Triangle route on the first day and made it home before the monsoonal flow came in. We had a wonderful dinner with Heather, the Wheels of Justice Team Captain, her Husband Robert and some close friends on the team.

Sundays route took us from Copper Mountain around Lake Dillon to Keystone, Breckenridge, to the top of Hoosier Pass, and then returned us to Copper Mountain in a steady rain. We were prepared for the weather so it was still a very special day on the bike through stellar country. That afternoon was the Wheels of Justice barbecue. They had a touching presentation with two guest families. Hazel passed at 3 1/2 years old after an almost 3 year battle with brain cancer even with an eight month remission teaser. The other guest family is a dig deep “work in progress” story filled with hope, prayer, and a honest lump in the throat.

On Monday, Justin and I opted to keep up the spirit of “pushing through” in honor of the children and their families and abandoned the events last day to ride our own path home. We left Copper Mountain shortly after 6:00 A.M. and road over Fremont Pass to Leadville, Twin Lakes and then over Independence Pass back to Carbondale. Justin’s Girlfriend Brianna drove my truck home and helped us with some road side snacks and water.It was again an amazing weekend that brings me back to center and reminds me of my fortunes and how coming together to support each other is not only rewarding it is essential. Our ride finished out with 273 miles and over 17,00’ of vert in the three days.

When I signed in this year, I was awarded a riding plate representing being the 65th highest donation earner out of the some 2500 participants. This year I collected just over $4000. Again this is because of all of you who graciously contributed and everyone involved, I can not thank you enough.

David Gensch



BIKES ETC based in the UK spent some quality time on the VAMOOTS CR earlier this year and did a very detailed write up of what they found.  At the time they also had two other brands of titanium bikes to ride as well.  The overall article is pretty long, but well worth a read.  Click below to pull up the full pdf out of the June 2015 edition.


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