Kelly Boniface

Rides a:

Vamoots CR (named Rollo, after the character in the Vikings)

Mooto X RSL (named Tom Brady for obvious reasons)

Resides in:

Steamboat Springs, CO

Riding and racing:

2014 results:

Breck Epic 4th 6day Open Solo

Park City Point to Point 3rd Open Female

2015 results:

Survived the Steamboat Velo Sunday ride!

2015 plans:

Main goal: Breck Epic (6day) and other summer endurance races.


The best bikes!

When not riding:

Watching youth sports, office managing Backcountry Delicatessen, and managing two daughters

Passionate about:

SSWSC Cycling

Fav ride(s):

Any singletrack is always the preferred ride, but if unavailable, I like the the dirt roads of Routt County, CO.

Local shop:

Orange Peel Bicycle Service

Fav food/books/movies/music:

Food: cookies

Movie: Good Will Hunting

Songs: far too many to list…here’s a few: Ceremony by New Order, The Air Near My Fingers by White Stripes, Zero by Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Slow Hands by Interpol, We are the Tide by Blind Pilot…just a start!

Follow Kelly:

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