Josh Cady

Rides a:

Psychlo X RSL 4 years

Mooto X RSL 1 year

Hoping for a Routt 45 for Christmas

Resides in:

Culver City, CA

Riding and racing:

2015 results:

Back riding my bike regularly.

2015 plans:

Longer mountain bike races, a gravel grinder or two, the Belgian Waffle ride, Rapha Prestige LA 2015, SoCalCross season, and CA Nats in Asheville, NC


“Moots has a thorough understanding of the complete system a rider needs to feel intimately connected to their cycling journey.  I know the money I spend on a bike puts beer int he glass of american business.  It is a US company devoted to expert craftsman quality bikes that are a blast to ride.”

When not riding:

Spending time with the family, in the weight room working on programming from Strong, Swift, Durable, and hunting things that go bump int he night.

Passionate about:

Compassion International, Wounded Warrior Project, Fischer House, and we are LA County Foster Care Parents.

Fav ride(s):

Colorado trail – Breckenridge to Denver and High Cascades 100 mountain bike race.

Local shop:

Bike Effect – ask for Alison and Steve

Pedaler’s Fork – ask for Gideon and Robbie

When in Oregon – Cyclepath – ask for Bill

Fav food/books/movies/music:

Malaysian Chicken Pizza, Adventures of Tom Sawyer. Forrest Gump, I Walk the Line by Johnny Cash

Follow Josh:

Facebook, Instagram


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