Jill Haynie

Nickname: Donkey

Rides a:

Vamoots CR, 3 years

Rogue YBB, in process

Resides in:

Santa Monica, CA

Riding and racing:

2015 plans:

Focusing on road racing with Master’s Nationals in Utah this September.

2015 Results:

Jan 31 – Boulevard Road Race – 3rd in Cat 3

Feb 14 – UCLA Road Race – 5th in Cat 3/4

Mar 21 – Chuck Pontius Road Race – 2nd in Cat 3/4

Mar 22 – Chuck Pontius Criterium – 5th in Cat 3/4

Mar 27-29 San Dimas Stage Race

Time Trial – 4th in Cat 3

Road Race – 4th in Cat 3

Criterium – 20th in Cat 3

Overall -  5th in Cat 3


Have you ridden one? I wanted an apocalypse proof bike with a wide range of proficiencies. I couldn’t be happier with my Vamoots CR, it’s good for racing, it’s good climbing or descending, it’s good for smooth roads, it’s good for crappy roads and it’s even good for the occasional dirt road. I’m really excited to get up close and personal with a Rogue YBB that is on order.”

When not riding:

Washing tupperware. I feel like I spend an unusual amount of time at the sink cleaning plastic containers. I don’t have a dishwasher and I usually pack breakfast and lunch for a normal workday, it stacks up really quickly.

Fav ride(s):

Anything with hills. My favorite group ride is a local ride, Nichols, that’s been going on for maybe 40 years. It’s a good road race simulation. It starts in West LA goes up Nichols Canyon to Mulholland, rides the spine of the Santa Monica Mountains to just over the 405 and then finishes off raging down Sepulveda. There’s also a semi-mandatory post ride stop at a Peet’s in Brentwood where the locals know to stay away on Sunday morning or they’ll get caught up in a lycra universe.

Local Shop:

Bike Effect.  Ask for Alison Letson & Steven Carre.

Fav food/books/movies/music:

Let’s call these favorites of the moment. By 2016 some of these are sure to have changed.

Food: Burritos. I’ve taken to making mini-burritos for ride food. It’s a smaller tortilla with just refried black beans with some extra salt. That’s the basic. Sometimes I’ll add a little avocado, or scrambled egg or rice or potato. 2 of them fit in a ziplock bag and fit perfectly in a jersey pocket.

Books: To Kill a Mockingbird for me and Who Needs Donuts? to share. It’s an illustrated kid’s book that I find something new in every time I open it.

Movie: I’m in a documentary phase – Senna, Mistaken for Strangers and Where the Trail Ends are some recent favorites.

Song: I just checked iTunes, the song with the most plays in my library is Concrete Jungle.

Anything else you would like to include:

The nickname comes from doing a weeknight group ride that does laps on a 4 mile course that parallels the runways at LAX. Each lap ends in a sprint. There’s a wide range of rider experiences and abilities on the ride. You get racers and you get casual riders looking for a workout. The group etiquette is pretty good but you do have to pay attention, not everyone is trustworthy. I started calling it the donkey ride in honor of those on the ride who are not graceful and smooth and steady. Over time I started calling myself a donkey because I probably fit into that ungraceful category. The thing about the donkey is, it has grit, it’s loyal and it gets along with other farm animals (or people, or cyclists). In a nutshell, that’s me.

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