Rides a: Rotating cast of the Vamoots RSL, Psychlo X RSL, Mooto X RSL, Mooto X, and a Mooto X SS with slider dropouts. “Yes, I’ve been a lucky guy!”

Resides in: Portland, Oregon

Riding and race history: Ian got started in cycling as part of the mid-90s mountain bike boom, but pretty quickly started riding and racing road and cyclocross. Being a native Portlander in the 1990’s meant he was in the right place at the right time to experience the start of the explosion of cyclocross in the U.S. Now he is at the point where he is equally happy to ride the road or the trails on any given day. He has ridden and raced in awe-inspiring places in North America and Europe and wouldn’t trade a moment of it for anything. He would take all that inspiration over talent any day. It has kept me him in the sport for over 15 years and allowed him to happily ride almost any kind of bike at any time of year.

Upcoming goals/race plans: After 15 years of going pretty hard, Ian has decided to step away from racing. He plans to continue the riding life, simply without pinning on a number (never say never). He hopes to find inspiration in the obvious places – big rides on memorable days – as well as in the smaller places, like a backyard singletrack stash or a stolen ride in the hills on the way home from work. His primary athletic goal for the next few years is to take every opportunity he can to ride or ski or run, and to incorporate his girls into those activities to the greatest extent possible.

When not riding: Ian has been practicing law since 1999 and, for better or worse, has plans to continue until he retires. He is married with two wonderful daughters. When he is not working or riding, he is spending time with his wife and daughters, or Nordic skiing or running.

Why MOOTS: “When I first had the opportunity to ride for Moots it was a bit like meeting someone you’d idolized your entire life and not quite believing they were real. I’d been aware of the company since my early days as a rider and something about the unadorned beauty and reliability of the frames worked its way in to my head and still hasn’t let go. After several years of riding the bikes and meeting some of the people who make them, I can say with some certainty that the magic is very real; simple on the outside but the product of a lot of work that I only wish people could see. The vast majority of my best riding days have been on MOOTS frames, and I’m very much looking forward to more.”

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