GrassMoots 2013


The GrassMoots Team is comprised of a diverse collection of cyclists who live in various communities across the country that share personal values similar to our Moots values.   All are well connected and committed to their respective local cycling communities, participate in local cycling advocacy  and volunteer programs, are not purely obsessed with podium finishes yet love to participate in local, regional and/or national races and who share a common bond of wanting to spread their love of cycling with others.   Some of them are road cyclists, some are mountain bikers and some are Cyclocross specialists and many are a combination of all of them.  Their backgrounds and professions are many; one is a creative director, one is an engineer, one is a college student, one is a photographer, one is a serial entrepreneur, one is a mom, one is a general contractor and the list goes on.  But most importantly we feel all of them are great people and great ambassadors for cycling and Moots.  We feel fortunate to have them as part of the Moots family.

Keep an eye out for them in your local cycling communities. All are very approachable, psyched on cycling and Moots and will be happy to share with you their insights of Moots and direct you to the local Authorized Moots Dealers to learn more about all of our bikes and components.

GrassMoots Blog: To follow their cycling lifestyles, stay close to our GrassMoots Blog.  There you’ll find ongoing updates of their recent riding, racing, volunteering and general life adventures.  And, enjoy the GrassMoots Team gallery which will be a growing collection of team member profiles and pictures of them riding and racing in their various parts of the country.

Interested in becoming a GrassMoots member? If you are interested in being considered as a future GrassMoots Team member, please send us a proposal to with the Subject Line of “GrassMoots Application”.  Please use this form GRASSMOOTS as a template when sending us your information.