Rides a: Mooto X Singlespeed

Resides in: Williston, Vermont

Riding and race history: Main focus is endurance racing, and his greatest accomplishment on a bike (up to this point) was finishing the Colorado Trail Race on his Mooto X singlespeed.

Upcoming goals/race plans:

- April: Singlespeedapalooza, Windsor, NY
- May: Flower power/VT state singlespeed championship
- June: Pat’s peak 24 hr race (6/8-9)
- July: Possibly Stewart Six hour race, Windsor, NY, Colorado Trail race
- August: Millstone Grind, Pittsfield 6 hour race
- September: VT 50, Windsor, VT

When not riding: He is hanging with his ultra-running wife and two dogs.  He prefers riding his mountain bike to almost any other activity (unless it is ski season) and tries to bike to his job as a high school teacher as much as possible.

Why MOOTS: “I ride Moots because it is a lifetime bike.  I worked at a shop that sold Moots a while ago, and since then I haven’t had any desire to own anything else.  I get to ride a lot of different bikes (summer bikeshop job) but there is nothing out there that feels as smooth, handles as well, or is as much fun as my Moots.”

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