Rides a:

MX Divide


Pschylo X


Resides in:

Carbondale, CO

Riding and racing:

2015 plans:

Moots Ranch Rally, Courage Classic, Laramie Enduro, Follow the US Pro Challenge, 24 Hours in the Sage, West Elk Mountain adventure (360 miles) with my Dad and his best friends, Tour of the Moon, some cross races, trail projects, and possibly another epic ride.


As a Colorado native, I find that supporting “close to home businesses” is critical to sustaining the stay, play, and work lifestyle.  The craftsmanship is beyond art and the ride is beyond bliss.

When not riding:

Hanging with my two boys, cooking food for friends, skiing powder, and looking for hot water to sit in.

Passionate about:

Wheels of Justice team which raises about $300k to the Children’s Hospital of Colorado, Ross Montessori School board member.

Fav ride(s):

The “creek” loop (120 miles circling my home on a cross bike with dirt roads, single

track, and pavement) and Mushroom Rock-Elk Traverse

Local shop:

Aloha Mountain Cyclery

Fav food/books/movies/music:

Food: I love all food especially if I can cook it.

Book: The Four Agreements

Movies: many

Music: It’s critical in my life, Beats…Roots, Rock, Reggae, Ska, and everything else.

Anything else you would like to include:

It truly does take a village.

Be well, Be honest, and ask for help.

Ride your bike, help a stranger, and eat food that makes you happy.

If you ever want to come to Carbondale just give a shout. Always have plenty of

room, a full plate of grub, and miles of riding.


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