David Gensch

Folks call him: Lobito-my dads name is wolf so at work I am “little wolf’ Lobito.

Rides a: Mooto X YBB 10th anniversary edition with plans to turn it into single speed and a psychlo X with cross and road wheels, saving pennies for an MX Divide 1×11

Resides in: Carbondale Colorado.  Living here makes parenting a dream and the folks and riding are amazing.

Riding and race history: Biking is relatively new to David and fulfills many of his needs.  He tends to enjoy riding a long time so he gravitates to 24 hour type races.  He usually races duo and have found that his big wall climbing background has greatly influenced this allure.  “A tandem brings a devotion to endure for the other person and you cant side with a third party to turn soft.  Very intriguing…”
Upcoming goals/race plans: 24 Hours in the Enchanted Forest in mid June.  The Courage Classic with all of his family. 24 Hours in the Sage…Hartman Rocks is very fun and offers a tough rewarding race.
When not riding: David is a daddy of two young boys and a Custom Home Builder with his father.  David’s church is the wilderness and desert and true friends are his solace in the great adventure. He junks out to music and hot water of any form and has a soft spot for beer. He loves to cook food and preparing meals brings him much pleasure.
Why MOOTS: “My interest in Moots is multi faceted.  The pure craftsmanship and finished product would be enough.  But then there is the ride…Supple yet responsive, forgiving yet assertive, fast yet very comfortable.  The bikes emanate longevity and the pride off taking care of a Moots makes them even more fun to ride.  Lastly, the fact that these bikes are made here, In Colorado, in the mountains.  They are made by people like you and me and vitalizes the local and state economy and lets us stay and play.”

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