Dan Seaton

Rides a:

Vamoots CR since 2010

Psychlo-X since 2010

Resides in:

Brussels, Belgium

Riding and racing:

2015 plans:

This year is going to be about rebuilding and learning how to race and ride as a parent of two children.  I was able to use some parental leave (thanks, Belgium!) to make some extra time to train last season.  This year I will have to try to find some form while juggling my work as a solar physicist and my VeloNews race coverage alongside being a good father to my kids.  Training will probably be a lot shorter and higher intensity, but I’ll be chasing bigger adventures on the bike whenever it’s possible.  As usual, my race focus is cyclocross.


“I love the idea that my bike was made by people who care about bikes and have some personal investment in the company and the product.  I love that I have something made in the USA.  And I love how my Moots ride, smooth and fast and able to stand up to the beating they take from Belgian mud and cobbles and everything else I subject them to.”

When not riding:

Usually in the Flemish mud, taking pictures of and writing about cyclocross races for VeloNews.

Fav ride(s):

The Schauinsland climb from Oberrried, Black Forest, Germany and anything on dirt in the Sonian Forest outside of Brussels, Belgium.

Fav food/books/movies/music:

Food: Pizza, of course.

Book: I love many books. “Matterhorn” by Karl Marlantes really blew me away, most recently.

Movie: I really enjoyed Richard Linklater’s “Boyhood” recently, but “Back To The Future” has been my favorite for 30 years.

Song: I love a lot of different music.  I don’t have a favorite song, but my three year old son is obsessed with “Ophelia” by The Band and “Get Lucky” by Daft Punk (which he calls the ‘Robot Song’), so I listen to those A LOT.


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