Rides a: Mooto X Rigor (29er)

Resides in: Glenwood Springs, Colorado

Riding and race history: Ever since his dad first taught him to ride a bike without training wheels (which actually ended with Andrew running into a tree) Andrew has found ways to ride as much as possible. When he was no older than 10, he strapped a sleeping bag to his handlebars and set off for a night in the back yard with his brother. Fast forward a few years and he began a 7-year stint as a triathlete until he saw the light and tried a XC race. A few weeks later his 2nd mountain bike race was a 24-hour solo and he was hooked. Since then Andrew has ridden and raced all over the country in everything from cross-country to multi-day self supported events, he loves the long stuff! Any day spent pedaling through new terrain is a great day!

Upcoming goals/race plans: Tour Divide 2013

When not riding: Anything that keeps him outside. In the winters he works as a Ski Patroller, so is in-bounds while at the “office” and out of bounds on his days off. In the summer he enjoys rock climbing and fly-fishing.

Why MOOTS: “I chose to ride a moots because I really enjoy knowing who personally cut, mitered, and welded my bike. I have been racing bikes in one form or another for 14 years now and have been though many different bikes in that time and I firmly believe that the love that goes into each and every Moots shows in the final product. Also, after riding Titanium, nothing else compares! It’s like a magic carpet ride!”

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