It’s getting to be late January and many riders are thinking of the new season and possibly the dream bike they have always wanted. Today we are looking at what goes into building a Moots Routt 45 almost step by step as seen through the eyes of our entire production staff. Back story. The build belongs to Mike Walker who lives here in Steamboat Springs. Mike is a huge Moots supporter and has ridden countless miles on his trusty 1999 Moots Vamoots.  He travels with his bike and is always up for some off the beaten path ride, no matter the surface.  Last summer after he completed his 2nd Ranch Rally ride on his Vamoots he mentioned he was dreaming up a new bike.  Something pretty far from his Vamoots that could take a big tire for those adventure rides, still handle well and lastly be travel friendly. His eyes were firmly fixed on the ROUTT 45 with S & S couplers.  As he worked his way through the fit with our local dealer ORANGE PEEL BICYCLE SERVICE, he carefully planned the build kit and also wanted to document the process of his frame being built.  We came up with the idea of having the production staff at Moots snap the pictures as the frame passed through their perspective areas and their lives. These are the photos that came from that….we hope you like.  **Big shout out to our staff for taking the time to capture their skilled work! You are crazy good people! Thank you! The design is finalized.  Each tube selected, time to get to work. Note the blue sticky reminding us to ride Cottonwood Pass this summer.  We think of rides while building bikes. Upper photo: Routt 45 chainstays are parted off.  Lower photo: Chainstays are bent for tire and crank clearance. Max tire on the ROUTT 45=45mm…coincidence? I think not. Chainstays are squished into desired shape for tire clearance. Shaping is complete on the chain stays… off to miter. S & S couplers are the gold standard for travel bikes.  Titanium with stainless steel outer nut. Our in-house robot–SPARKY 1 Sparky holds, purges, rotates the coupler and tube while laying down a flawless weld around the circumference of the coupler. Like all titanium we weld, it goes through the ultrasonic cleaner to remove all oils for a clean uncontaminated weld. The tube set in the dry basket after the ultrasonic cleaner. Tubeset is ready to be placed into the main frame jig for tacking. The drawing follows the frame the entire time it is in production. Onto main frame welding.  Mattyp lays down the sick beads. Once out of welding, a hand stamped serial number is applied to the bottom bracket shell. Once the head tube, seat tube and bottom bracket get post-weld machining the frame goes onto the alignment table. A dial indicator is used to check that the frame is in perfect alignment.  Small adjustments can be made at this point if needed. Mike

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The NEW Moots tapered road fork.  335grams of tapered carbon-go-fast. The back story. Going back a year ago we were designing this fork and going through prototypes and pre-production samples. Testing, riding and finally landing on what you see in front of you. But to understand just how much time and effort go into such a project you really have to back all the way up to the original Moots carbon forks that came out about 4 years ago. When we designed the first version of the Moots carbon road and Cyclocross forks we were new at the game. We had made contact with a facility overseas and really liked what we saw and heard from them when we toured their facility. They have an American owner which makes communication really easy and they are willing to keep our designs to just us, i.e. – this source is not an open mold that you will see anywhere else other than Moots. It’s not an Enve fork with Moots logos placed on it. It’s Moots designed from top to bottom, and we think you might like what we’ve done.  Black on black graphics at the fork leg.  Standard quick release. Those first versions of our forks were 1 1/8” steerer tubes as we had not made the leap to the bigger 44mm head tube on the road bikes just yet.  So we learned and had a great experience with those first forks. They ride very nice and have a nice balance of stiffness and weight. Standard road caliper brake mount.  External i8 head set lower cup.  Mr. Moots goes along on each ride. Fast forward to now and the fact that we have moved to the 44mm head tube on the RSL as well as the CR and the need for a tapered fork was apparent.  So, we hit the design board again and came up with one fork model that will cover the two models of our standard caliper road bikes.  (As a side note; the Vamoots is still a 1 1/8” head tube, the new tapered fork will not work, unless you option to the 44mm head tube). Late spring of 2015 saw us receive the first ridable test forks, which were mounted and ridden throughout the entire season. In addition to lab testing, we amassed 5-10 thousand miles of real world-on-bike-testing over smooth pavement, chip-seal, dirt roads and remote rock-strewn dirt passes. Some days dirt roads that turned to mud, which helped us test the limits of tire clearance. Did we like what we rode?  Yes.  The feedback coming directly from the road was nice and crisp without being overly built and harsh.  Lateral stiffness is a touch more than the first generation Moots carbon forks, but the most noticible performance benefit was under heavy braking and cornering….here we found the fork to be more responsive and more confidence inspiring when getting on the brakes in heated moments of need.  The fork is solid and transfers to an overall

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Why would I want disc brakes on my cross bike? … I suppose you could say that I waited until all the right pieces of the puzzle were lined up to make the jump, but really it’s more dumb luck on my part. The SRAM 1x system I’ve been riding on my canti bike for the last year and a half has been great, so I knew I loved that. It was the coming together of several companies with just the right items.

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The Cycle Mode International bike show will take place this coming Friday, Saturday & Sunday in Tokyo, Japan. Over 200 companies will be on hand to greet the more that 35,000 show-goers. Moots will be represented by our Japanese distributor DIATECH. They will be in booth 3-17/3-22 and will have on hand a brand new Psychlo X RSL built with Shimano Di2/discs.

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This past weekend the Colorado Cyclocross season had a bigger race weekend than normal at the scene of the 2014 Cyclocross Nationals–Valmont Bike Park. With UCI points on the line for the pros and junior categories, the production level of these races was much higher. But pro point’s aside, we were there to get two good days of racing under our chamois in the amateur classes. The course for Saturday was the exact same layout from Nationals.

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After the 24 Hours in the Sage was canceled in August I began looking for another event and was so glad to have found this awesome event. I spent many days climbing in Penitente Canyon in my twenties and it was really cool to be back in this special place. Sydney and her crew did a great job with this inaugural event.

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Charlie Cunningham sustained multiple injuries in a fall in August 2015, broken bones, bruises and head trauma. He is hospitalized and is making strides to recover from brain surgery. Learning how to talk and swallow are just a couple of the hurdles he is facing. He needs our help to pay for the mounting medical bills and modifications that will be needed to his home in Marin, CA.

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#CYCLOCROSS is coming right? No, Cyclocross IS here. The first weekend of October has served up some cooler weather and some hot racing. Out east at the Providence KMC weekend the Alpha Junior CX Team pb/Moots took to the field with top level support in the pits and strong legs on the course.

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Moots will be on hand at our stand out dealer, STUDIO VELO — in Marin county California, to support the Jensie Grandfondo of Marin.
Our sprinter will be loaded with road demos for customers to ride the entire day during the fondo. All proceeds from the event go to the Marin County Bicycle Coalition.

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6:30 PM - 9:30 PM

Marty’s Reliable Cycle Presents Rep Night 2016. Join us on Tuesday, February 9th for Rep Night at Skylands at Randolph.

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North American Handmade Bicycle Show— 2016

10am - 6pm

Come see us at NAHBS! This annual gathering of the finest hand built builders on the planet returns to Sacramento, CA. We will have stunning builds and some new items on hand for you to check out.

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MOOTS Colorado Ranch Rally— 2016

All day event

Join us in a 50 mile dirt road ride, to help support our Community Agriculture Alliance promote ranching, farming and services throughout the Yampa Valley.

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All Day Events

Come visit Moots at the largest International bike show on the planet in Friedrichshafen, Germany August 31st-Sept 4th.

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