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March 2015
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Moots dealer BESPOKE CYCLING in London are featured in this short video promoting the “MOST GLAMOROUS BICYCLE SHOW ON EARTH”…..The takes place in Monaco, so I’ll take their word on that.  The store front shots are of BESPOKE CYCLING and the ocean, palm trees and “other views” are from the Monaco tourism board.  Like they need a tourism board, right? I’m clearing my calendar now for the April 3rd-5th event.

Anyway, can you spot the Moots in the video?…a couple of hits.  Eyes up here!


This past Monday and Tuesday small businesses that had been nominated for THE WRIGHT AWARD gathered in Denver for an afternoon of round table discussions and then the award night on Tuesday at SPACE Gallery.  The WRIGHT award was started by a group of entrepreneurs that awards a Colorado company that combines commererce and lifestyle in the work place.  Cutting edge businesses that show they do more than make things and sell things.  This is about working in a place that encourages employees to get out and be active while taking care of business.


150 companies were nominated.  12 of those companies make it to the final, which requires you to put together a 90 second video about your company.  Those 12 are asked to come to the round table session and the awards night.  From there the 12 videos are shown during the night and a panel (which has already seen the videos and voted) cuts the 12 to the final 3.  The final 3 are then put on stage and asked questions by the panel.  Those questions/answers determine the winner.


Moots was honored to be in the final 12.  We worked with Michael Bye here in Steamboat to produce our video.  Capturing what your company is all about in 90 seconds is tough work for sure.  As the videos were shown, there was a short break between the first 6 and the last 6, which let our governor John Hickenlooper take the stage and say some great words about our state and the spirit of small businesses in Colorado. Once the last 6 videos were shown the final 3 were announced.  Moots didn’t make it into the final 3, but we felt really good about the experience and exercise that went into making the video.

Colorado governor John Hickenlooper (sorry, bad photo)

Eldorado Climbing Walls, Icelntick Skis and Dale’s Pale Ale made the final 3 and went through the on-stage- Q & A.  In the end, Eldorado Climbing Walls came out the victor.

All in all it was a great event and again, we were honored to be in the final 12.

We hope you enjoy our little video.  Look for more of them to be hitting our site soon.





We all have tales of “epic” rides, shredded tires and shredded legs.  This tale goes back to late July of this year and the Rapha Gentlemen’s Race-Colorado.  An event that is not an “event”, no road closures, no permits needed, “We are just a group of 6 friends out riding this beautiful terrain” is pretty much the only instructions you get….plus a queue sheet that lists out the turns and mileage and overall elevation gain/loss…..oh yeah about that….only 107 miles dotted with 7 sustained climbs that put us climbing almost 3 vertical miles in the end… (That’s just over 14,000 feet in this case). ….with over half the miles on dirt surfaces to the “Switzerland Trail” that would best be taken on a mountain bike for most.  Truly an amazing way to see a route you would never string together on your own….in your right mind.


The Moots Factory Pilots vowed to finish the route, no matter how long we might be out there.  We stuck together and pushed through as a group.  We rode a mix of bikes, from Vamoots RSL, Psychlo X and Vamoots DR.  We all stuck to tires around 28mm and used every one of those little millimeters.   We almost made it the entire day without a flat, until about 3 miles to go…..just at that point you want someone to take your bike away from you and hand you a sandwich.  We changed it and headed to the barn.  Not the last team to finish but hey, only 8 teams out of 24 finished the entire route, so we felt like winners anyway.


Looking back at the queue sheet brings back the memories of the roads, climbs and land marks.  Names like….FLAGSTAFF, GROSS DAM, MAGNOLIA, MOUNTAIN PINES RD, ESCAPE ROUTE, SUNSHINE and let us not forget the gut punch of LICKSKILLET ROAD at mile 87.8.  Just a little .7 mile stretch at 18% to make sure your legs were still hanging from your waist.  OUCH.


During a day like the RGR it is without doubt very important to pick your team wisely.  You should not base this on speed alone; you should base it on their mindset and ability to keep a good sense of humor for 8 hours.  For most teams out there it’s not a matter of IF you will bonk, but just when…..and keeping a cool head during the crappy times is key.  Our band of brothers + one sister did just that….we all have worked together at Moots for some time and have ridden many rides together, but never an outing like the RGR…it really brought a new meaning to “bonding”…and since this ride we all have just a little more “dirt” on each other…..


So the next time something like this comes up I’d be proud to ride with Matty P, Corey P, Kelly B, Nate B, or Matt A….serious fun out there and something I’ll remember for a long time.

For more insight to the RGR Colorado you can read some great words from non other than Andy Hampsten on the RAPHA site.


Fresh off of our return from Eurobike and Interbike we’ve barely had time to catch our breath and press posts have been hitting the interwaves about two new bikes from us.  The story goes like this…. ROUTT and ROUTT 45 are two new bikes with a great past.  Once called the Psychlo X which shared the same geometry of the racy Psychlo X RSL the ROUTT’S under went a geometry re-vamp last fall.  We lowered the bottom bracket, slackened the head angle, lengthened the head tube and shortened the top tube to better suit the loose conditions many of us ride on a daily basis.  The ROUTT keeps its racer friendly 42.3cm chainstays to keep it quick around a taped off cross course and the ROUTT 45 goes to a 45cm chainstay for even more stability and also to accommodate a larger tire width.  The ROUTT can handle up to a 34mm tire, while the ROUTT 45 can take up to a 41-42mm tire for those more adventurous days in the saddle.

Also introduced are our all black decals(see below).  Decal sets are in stock now and can be ordered for any model except the MX Divide and Divide. They will be in our web store shortly.

The ROUTT sporting our new black decals and the more racy 42.3cm chainstays

These two models really round out our line and let you have your pick dependant on your riding style.

Look for our website to be updated soon!



The Moots family is growing lately.  We’d like to welcome Ellis Hindes to our crew.  Eric and his wife Kristin welcomed their little girl just about 4 weeks ago today.  Eric runs our CNC department and makes/designs all the cool items that get welded into your Moots.  Of course the first order of business is to give Ellis something sharp and titanium to play with…..a future at Moots?  Maybe.  And yes, that’s a Moots sticker on her forehead.  Don’t call social services.

Both Kristin and Eric are adjusting to parent life in stride…”she sleeps, eats AND poops” were Eric’s words when asked how it’s going.  Nothing really shocking anymore!

Baby Ellis, dreaming of bike rides?

Congratulations to Eric and Kristin and welcome Ellis!



We are packed up and headed to Las Vegas for Interbike 2014. Trade shows are known for loads of conversation and time on your feet.  What better way to break it all up then a bike ride? The Moots crew is getting out and riding during the show and we’d like to invite you to do the same.

FRIDAY September 12TH

We are parking at our local Moots Dealer; Las Vegas Cyclery and heading out to do the Red Rock Canyon Loop.  Ride rolls at 6:30am sharp from the shop parking lot.  Bring your bike and let’s ride. The ride should be about 30 or so miles at an easy pace, with some climbing.

Once finished we’ll head into the show for the consumer day.

Date: September 12th, 2014

Time: 6:30 am

Location: Las Vegas Cyclery

Type of ride: road

**Please note: we will not have demo bikes for this event.

SSSR 2014

Steamboat Stage Race 2014—-

Moots BBQ night underway


This last weekend Steamboat Velo bagged its 6th edition of the Steamboat Springs Stage Race on the roads in and around our wonderful corner of Colorado. The Steamboat Velo club has grown the race to a field of 400 racers that took part in 3 stages.  An opening 22km time trial along River Road started off the action on Saturday, testing man, machine and the rolling terrain we ride weekly.  TT bikes abounded for this stage to go against the clock.

L-R Blake, Matty P and Elyse honored for their volunteer work

Road Race

Next was the Sunday Moots sponsored road race.  A very hilly course that took place on Twenty Mile road and the “3 bitches” as the locals so affectionately calls them.  True to its reputation the course handed out punishment for all, with our local woman pro Amy Charity taking the win in the women’s category.  Which speaking of woman, the stage race pays our equal prize money for both men and women…..they are paving the way to the future. And with every edition in the past the Sunday evening BBQ help at Moots HQ was a hit.  During the evening loads of food is served to all, factory tours are given by Moots employees and a Moots frame is drawn out of the hat for one lucky participant.  Steamboat Velo also went the extra mile to have a volunteer podium that recognized the hard work done by some incredibly giving people.  During the evening donations were also collected and with some help from entry fees, the event raised $700.00 for Lift Up, which is our local food bank.

Money raised for a great cause


Last up was the downtown crit that covers a rectangular course through old town Steamboat Springs.  One little hill and some fast corners make this a classic crit course loved by many.  Just one block off Main Street this stage really gives the feel of our town, as spectators are drawn to the fast action and great vibe.

President Mike Sanders leading factory tours during the evening of the Moots BBQ

Congrats to all that conquered the course and their bodies.  Next year will be lucky number 7 for the event, which you can count on again for Labor Day weekend.

Hope to see you there!



Moots is making the trip to Germany again this year to attend Eurobike, at Friedrichshafen August 27th-30th.  This year also marks the first year we will be participating in the dirt demo day on Tuesday the 26th.  The venue at Eurobike can house both the dirt demo day and show all within the same area, which makes attending very easy.  We will have several of our most current models to demo on road or trail as well as the inside show display. Those models include:

MX YBB, ROGUE YBB, ROGUE RSL, MX RSL, Psychlo X RSL, Psychlo X Disc, Vamoots RSL, Vamoots CR, Vamoots, Vamoots RSL Di2

You will be able to find us under the Moots tent during the outside demo day and then in Hall B1-501 during the inside show Wednesday-Saturday. Eurobike is known for it’s flair and number of companies that display as well as the public day, which is on Satuday the 30th.  Over 20,000 visitors walk the halls on that single day alone!

If you are headed to Friedrichshafen and Eurobike 2014, please stop by and see what Moots has in store for 2015! If you want to book an appointment during the show, please contact Matt Alford or Jon Cariveau at the main Moots number: 970-879-1676.



Kelly (far left) takes 4th overall in the 2014 Breck Epic

You know what’s really cool to see in cycling?  If not, let me tell you.  What’s cool is when a real person, with a real person job, real person family, real house payment,  real car payment and real kid juggling takes pretty much a year off from racing her bike for the good of a fellow human and then comes back to enter only a few chosen races and then RIPS OFF SOME LEGS! That’s what’s cool about Kelly Boniface.  She won’t go out and tell you and frankly, she’s not the Twitter or Instagram type, so I’ll tell you.  Last year a dear friend of our community came down with a brain tumor.  A nasty one….(as if there is a good one)….well, Kelly being the person she is, put her racing desires on hold to help with our friends children as he and his wife traveled to seek out the best care they could get.  Then after surgery, Kelly and her husband made sure to watch and include those kids in as many things as they could, trying to keep their thoughts off the treatment their dad was going through.  It’s what good humans do.

Flash forward to this summer and Kelly……She got back into her similar habit of riding and training like she was on a mission.  That mission was a few select events that she thought would be “fun”.  The BRECK EPIC was the highlighted event of the summer.  Kelly had never done a mountain bike stage race, so she went BIG.  So, Kelly goes out and wins the first stage and then never finishes below 4th on any stage.  CRUSHING. She texted me during the week and after the 2nd day she proclaimed that she was hooked on stage races. She suffered and powered through the week and the thin air to finish 4th overall for her first ever Breck Epic!  I’m sure she’ll be back for more.


Kelly (far left) and crew are all smiles after a stage of the 2014 Breck Epic.


MX RSL (nickname: “Tom Brady”)








We are proud to announce that we will be hosting the 3rd Annual Moots Owners Camp in Tucson, Arizona December 9th-14th, 2014. THE CYCLING HOUSE will again provide route plans, meals and full support on the roads and climbs that have made Tucson famous for winter training.  This is a great chance to log some miles before the holidays or get a jump on 2015 in style.  Moots will be on hand with 2-3 factory staffers to ride with you and give you some insight to what makes Moots….Moots.  Anything we can do to prolong the onset of winter is okay with us.

Come ride with first class support and routes in the clear air of Tucson.  We’ll be there with the Moots van chock full of current demo bikes ready for you to check out.

Space is limited so make that reservation now, we hope to see you there!


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