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March 2015
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EVOLUTION PRO BIKE, Custom Bikes Done Right~building circa 1829.

Evolution Pro Bikes has been around since 1995, they have been a Moots dealer since then as well, which puts them up there as one of the longest standing Moots dealers to date.  Scott Wilson owns and runs the shop in Bucks County, PA. He also owns 4 Moots himself and has the option to ride anything he wants….he chooses Moots. The shop, which dates back to 1829, sits in a very pretty place with riding options that are described as ever changing, never flat and scenic.  He carries Moots, Niner, Ibis, Ritchey and a few Euro brands.  High quality products and pro builds rule the days at Evo.  Its setting is warm and sits close to a house on the lot.  I once visited Scott back in my early days with Moots and help him set a new toilet in the house.  How many reps can claim to have done that with their dealer?  Scott is an avid road rider and racer, but has a deep passion for Cyclocross.  At many an event around the country he is on the list of people I always run into and is always good for a smile and a beer.  He would do anything to help you out.

His customers are loyal.  Greg and Gary are what he calls his MOOTS leaders. They have multiple Moots each and say that once you ride one, nothing else will suffice…..this may explain why they have so many!

We are very proud to have Evo-Pro on the Moots list of super shops.  If you are ever in the area, stop in and say hi.  Take a walk through the shop and we are pretty sure you’ll come away with a smile.

You can visit the EVO-PRO site here: EVOLUTION PRO BIKES



Full Psychlo X RSL race machine. SRAM CX1, carbon tubular wheels,supple Team Edition Challange Grifo tubulars, high powered cantis for braking. No water bottle bosses and no front derailleur routing.  Business only on this 16.5 pound 56cm build.


As Cyclocross Nationals gets underway on Wednesday of this week and runs through Sunday, we thought it might be fun to talk Cyclocross at Moots.  Going back to our first Cyclocross frames in 1993 to the present state of the art Psychlo X RSL the history of cross runs pretty deep with our company.  In 1993 our bikes ran very traditional “European” geometries, which meant very high bottom brackets, 1” head tubes and were sized more like a longer road bike fit than anything.  At that time they all were made as custom only and by “all” I mean the handful or less per year that were made in those early years.  As time passed our Psychlo X grew into a formidable race bike and landed many racers on podiums far and near.  Small changes over time really brought the Psychlo X up several notches. Refined geometry and increased tire clearance to name a couple. There were also the couple of years we had a seamless 6/4 tube set in an “SL” (superlight) version of the Psychlo X.


As we introduced the Vamoots RSL into our road line those of us here at Moots that live and breathe Cyclocross were licking our chops at the prospect of putting that butted tube set into a Psychlo X.  We didn’t want to stop with just the tube set and built out the Psychlo X RSL that would share the same features in the road model (press fit bb30, tapered stays, 35mm seat tube and 30.9 seat post).  We also added the 44mm head to further stiffen the front end and address the demands of racing Cyclocross. We also shaped the top tube right where you would shoulder the bike while on foot. The first proto types were raced at Cyclocross Nationals in Bend, Oregon 2010, with the production model ready fall of 2011.The RSL really set a bench mark for many other titanium companies to follow. The Psychlo X RSL went on to win best Cyclocross at NAHBS 2012.

Our line of Cyclocross bikes can be built with a number of options: Disc, 142 x 12 thru-axle, Electronic routing, single speed, 7 stock sizes and full custom as well.


It was during the summer of 2012 that Shimano North America approached Moots to provide a neutral support fleet for the races they support as well as dealer events and the biggie: Cyclocross Worlds 2013 held in Louisville, Kentucky.  They had grown tired of replacing broken frames in the fleet that was made up of mostly carbon and aluminum bikes. So starting in Verona, Wisconsin at Nationals the neutral support fleet was Moots.  The bikes are with them to this day and have supported numerous series from New England, Colorado to Seattle.  Look for them this week in Austin!


The Shimano/Moots neutral support fleet for cyclocross.

Let’s take a look at some details of just one race-ready Psychlo X RSL.  I’ll be posting more as the week moves along…..I hope you enjoy.

This Psychlo X RSL uses the RSL stem to keep weight down, stiffness up.  Titanium hardware, cut away steerer clamp and black decals.

Our Moots designed full carbon fork.  Big shoulders, tapered to the tips…stiff, light and durable.

Our Cx fork has the option to run a crown mounted cable stop.  Clean cable routing and total chatter free performance. This older PX RSL runs the internal 44mm head set, which now the current goes with the external and geometry is adjusted as such. In true weight weenie fashion this bike went with no head badge.

White Industries hubs laced into dated Reynolds 46 tubular rims, dated but still light and strong and running smooth.

SRAM CX1 from top to bottom.

Double stops on the top tube for a single ring set up….rear brake, rear derailleur only. (You can order this routing if you like)

Cx1 single ring, 40T up front with a 11-25 in the rear.  Time’ pedals are a cross favorite.

Press fit bb30 on all RSL models.  No chain stay bridge on this one for maximum mud clearance.

Rear wishbone for great clearance and powerful braking.

Rear derailleur cable routing under the seat stay with zip-tie cradles.  One piece housing from top tube to derailleur to keep out the muck. Also note the tapered tips of the seat and chain stays, along with the machined away breezer style drop outs.

Grams removed. The backside of the non-drive drop out is machined to save a couple of grams and add some style points.

Tapered stays side view, along with replaceable derailleur hanger when things go bad.

Fizik Arione Cx saddle and Moots Cinch post for a perch. Black bits and black decals.

Handbuilt in the Rockies since 1981…..33 years of building.



Our 33rd year has come to a close.  33 years! 33 years of building bikes. 1981-2014!  Not many hand built companies can say they have been in business nearly that long.  What keeps us going? You of course, our dedicated customers that support our little company and love to ride.  Everyone at Moots is really a bike geek at heart.  We pour over the details; how to make it better, how to make it more “Moots”.  This is our livelihood and our passion and we thank you for the support….we could not do this without you!

Wow. 2014 is done and dusted.  Where did the year go?

All the best in 2015!



A stunning Vamoots RSL ready for its owner and many miles to come. 15.1 pounds as it sits…. The particular owner of this rig choose to go with a very clean and reliable Shimano Dura Ace 9000 build, Enve hoops tied to Chris King R45 hubs, Chris King head set and PF30 to keep things running smoothly for years to come. At first glance those are some of the component highlights….lets take a closer look…

The Vamoots RSL comes standard with a 1 1/8” head tube, with the 44mm (shown) being an option.  He choose the 44mm head tube to increase stiffness and opted for the 1 1/8” Moots RSL steerer fork with a Chris King 1 1/4”lower, which gives the head tube to head set to fork a nice look.  It also keeps the front end just a little more compliant on the hands.  We have grown very fond of this set up hear at Moots.  Since we are not making tapered road forks of our own yet, this will allow a rider to change out to a 1 1/4” tapered fork if/when they like, without disturbing the geometry of the bike.  It also looks a bit cleaner vs the 1 1/2” lower external bearing.  (see below)

The 1.5” lower external bearing for a 1.5” tapered fork….the lower bearing is more bulbus and a bit over kill for bikes with standard road calipers.

The Moots RSL fork is all carbon from drop outs to top of steerer.  We designed them in-house, we own the molds and have been very happy with the performance. A Chris King R45 keeps things smooth and classy.

Moots RSL spacers to match the nice curvy lines of the head tube.  Note the RSL stem with windowed steerer tube clamp and titanium bolts.

The RSL stem face plate is more cut away than our regular road stem and also has titanium bolts.

All of our RSL line; road, mountain and cross use a PF30 BB.  Best paired with a Chris King bb and in this case the CK 24mm adaptors. The large surface area of the PF30 allows us to use bigger tubes in every direction….bigger tubes=bigger foot print=more power to the ground.

Mr. Moots on the seat collar that wraps the 30.9 seat post securely.  We make the collars in-house.

1 inch tapered chainstays help put the power down, they are mated to our RSL drop outs that are scuplted for style and windowed to save grams. The slim seat stays are seamless 6/4 and help keep a smooth ride possible, without being overly harsh. Chris King R45 hub brings it all together.

Mr. Moots graces the brake bridge.

Topped off with a set of world famous Ron Andrews Titanium King cages. They are blasted to match the finish of the frame and will last most of a lifetime.

The owner of this new build will be kicking off the new year in style.  Durable, light and timeless….he’ll be ready for many seasons of miles.



The last update on Gage was when he won both his junior category and the PRO/OPEN at the Colorado State CX Championships.  Since then Gage flew over to Belgium to settle in for his second block of Euro-racing.  This block will span the “Kerstperiode” or Christmas Period, where a Cyclocross racer with the right contracts and connections can race something like 11 times in 9 days….well, maybe not that much but its pretty much racing every other day for 10 days around Christmas to New Years.

Gage hit the Namur World Cup this past Sunday and had a good go of it.  He rallied to 5th in the junior race and was on a charge to be at the front again.  The course is known as one of the toughest during the season.  Drop-ins, leg snapping climbs and the amazing off camber kick-bike section.

The photos that you see here are from Dan Seaton who is in the Moots family.  He also resides in Brussels, Belgium and covers the cross season for Velonews.  He also happens to be on the GrassMoots Team, so he is very aware of Gage racing in Belgium.

Gage will return for our US CX Nationals and then head back to Europe for the final block of racing that will take him to Cyclocross Worlds in Tabor, Czech in late January.

We are thrilled to be along for the ride as Gage pilots his Psychlo X RSL’s through the mud in Europe.  Good luck Gage, we are cheering for you!



Everybody loves a list right? It’s a bit easier to pick something off a list and “suggest” that your secret Santa might get this for you, so we’ve made a last minute holiday gift guide for the Moots Owner in your life.  Let’s get down to it…..

1. Castelli Jersey and Bib Short Set.  Our premium line of performace kit, the Castelli jersey and bib will help you log those miles in supreme comfort and style.

2. Hooded Sweatshirt…who does not like a good hoody?  Soft and fuzzy on the inside, clean Moots design on the outside.

3. Moots Handcrafted T-Shirt….Can’t go to work or the store without a shirt on right? Might as well feel good and look classy in this simple Moots logo T.

4. Moots Titanium Bottle Opener…because your Moots friend just might go to a holiday party and how cool would you be if you pulled out this precision machined solid titanium opener and opened that craft bottle of beer for that nice person you just met at the refrigirator?

5. Moots (by B.A.P.) Active Wool Beanie. It’s a fact that we lose most of our warmth through the top of our heads….(some more than others, if you are “thinned”) so why not keep that Moots Owner nice and warm during the cold dark winter days.

6. Moots Pandana. Pan-What? A new Mr. Moots favorite. This little piece is pricless.  Use it as a neck gator/scarf, facemask, hairband, earwarmer, balaclava, hat, bandana or wristband.  Keep that neck warm and look sharp doing it….


Check out these and other great Moots gift ideas at



All about the ride

Like the title says, our 3rd annual Moots Owners Camp hosted by The Cycling House wrapped up this past Sunday in Tucson, Arizona.  You might ask….What is the Moots Owners Camp?  Well, starting 3 years ago Moots had an idea of getting a group of Moots owners together in Tucson and have the fine folks at The Cycling House (TCH) host us for 5 days of riding road bikes around the area.  The camp is based out of the house that TCH rents for the year. It’s run like a more-friendly version of a boot camp.

Just one example of post-ride lunch at The Cycling House.

Large spacious rooms, court yard outside for yoga and core in the morning and of course the massive kitchen that their chef Zander will use to fuel our hungry bodies. The schedule of waking, coffee, breakfast, ride lunch then dinner is smooth. It really gets you into a rhythm and by the end of the week you don’t want to go home. I like to call it pretend-a-pro camp.  I envision that this is what PRO teams do when they go to the faraway warm places to start their seasons. Eat, ride, recover, do it again…day after day….complete with follow vehicle and massage options.  I could get use to this….

Morning core workout before we ride

Mount Lemmon did not disappoint

The camp is not free, but looking back on it, is a very good value as your lodging, meals and transportation to and from the airport are covered.  All for about 1500.00. We logged close to 300 miles, climbed many thousands of feet, soaked in the sun and of course ate like kings. The Cycling House guides are very good riders and come from diverse backgrounds.  They can also go like mad on a bike. The routes varied from rolling through saguaro cactus lined roads, to climbing Mount Lemmon which over the standard 21 mile affair, has you gain 5,500 feet as a steady grade of 4-5% the entire way.  Starting at 2500 feet above sea level in Tucson you climb to over 7,000 feet and go through an amazing amount of different ecosystems.

The Moots Owners Camp 2014 group

The Moots Owners came from all over the country, east coast, west coast, Vegas, Brooklyn.  They rode a mix of Moots models that ranged from Vamoots RSL’s, Vamoots CR, Vamoots DR and a couple rode the new ROUTT mounted with 25-28mm tires.  They all did great.  We all made it to the top of Mount Lemmon and we all shared stories of our lives and bicycle exploits.

Some of the Moots at camp:

Lance from Seattle-Vamoots DR

Robbie-He owns Pedalers Fork and has a sweet Vamoots RSL with Campy Eps

Ken from California-very sweet Compact SL still going strong after many years on the road

Anthony from Las Vegas….rolling on a Vamoots DR, big rubber and frame pump for the win!

Mount Lemmon-Windy Point

The tempo of most rides was nice talking pace with harder efforts put in as the group felt “necessary”.  There was also the occasional attack that got the group worked up and brought things to a boil….good fitness builder week and I can say that the week really had an impact on me.

Ready for Christmas!


The weather in Tucson was warmer than the average for the dates, mostly in the mid 70’s with the last day being more of a “classics” weather day of 50 degrees and rain! The group persevered and pushed themselves to finish out a great week.

The 2015 TCH catalog has some great trips

After experiencing the week first hand I would recommend any of THE CYCLING HOUSE camps, but be rest assured there will a 4th Annual Moots Owners Camp in 2015.

We’ll post details for next year by early summer.  Stay tuned!

You can view more photos from the week here:









The sun sets on the 3rd Annual Moots Owners Camp


The sun sets on day one of Moots Owners Camp.

Pfffffff……Was that a tire loosing air or the sound of my near hibernating cycling legs just giving out?  I’m not sure which, but I do know this:  This group of Moots Owners that has gathered in the Tucson desert this week to hammer out a week of miles is dedicated.  They come from all walks of life and from places all over our country.  They ride and ride hard.  They enjoy good food, good laughs and they all have the love of Moots in common. The interaction and talk of bicycles we have had in just a single day together cannot be matched by an e-mail, newsletter or even a phone call.   I sit in The Cycling House and feel humbled that these fine folks would come and spend a good chunk of money to shack up and ride their guts out.

Anthony and his Vamoots DR

As the hustle and bustle of the holiday seasons are looming we rolled for just about 70 miles today sharing stories, pulls and laughs. We passed cactus that are decorated for Christmas just the way a tree would be. In all we have 13 Moots owners, two dealers and of course The Cycling House staff that has this gig dialed.  As we road at about 20 strong today I think about these riders…..  They have busy lives, they live in big cities…they have families, they also have a passion for cycling that we all share. We are cut from similar molds.

This is the coolest Moots event I’ve ever been involved with and I’ve been with Moots for 18 years now.  It’s the ultimate contact and story sharing experience.  We all love bikes, gear and riding.  To have this camp which is now its third year is a sign to me that cycling is alive and well in the US.  We are not PROS, but to have this opportunity to act like one for a week.  A follow van stocked with food and drink, ditching clothing as the day heats up and having a guide call out turns….nothing to think about but pedaling.

Moots bikes vary from Vamoots RSL’s, Routt Ybb, Vamoots DR and a classic Compact SL.  Sharing with these cycling devotees how we build, why we build and what makes our little company tick over miles, great meals and drink is the perfect way to tell our story.

Tucson is new to me for riding….never been here, but after just a day or two can say I’ll be back.

Today was 70 miles on rolling terrain, tomorrow Mt. Lemmon comes for us.  Just a mere 6k of climbing in one sitting. HUP, HUP, time to rest up…..

You can view our FLICKR account for more photos from today:




Michael Robson does Moots proud.  His tip: “don’t shave, go fast.”

Over the weekend, Colorado played host to the 2014 Rocky Mountain Regional CX Championships.  Brook Watts who puts on CrossVegas teamed up with Without Limits to put together a great course.  Most called it very non-technical so it would be a fast tactical race.

Moots CX  men took the honors in the 35+ and the Pro/Open catagories.


Michael has been on a tear lately starting back on the cold day at the Boulder Rez….taking that day’s win with super handling skills that he always has, next was the Parker race on a technical course and reduced field.  Michael worried that those might be flukes, but now with his win at the RMCX Champs, that is not the case.  Michael dueled it out and took a sprint win on a course that was not his style.  This really looks good for next weekend as we have our Colorado State Championships in Castle Rock.  Michael is the 35+ defending champ and looks to defend his title.  Then it’s 4 weeks until Nats….Look out for the un-shaven Aussie on his Moots! No fluke!


Gage was fresh off his European visit and his win at Koksjide.  He pounced on the field during the RMCX Champs and took the win in a stacked field of PRO men.  This should be an epic battle next week for the state title that has been held over the years my many notable Colorado Pros.

Good work gents.  Rest up and be ready to rumble this coming weekend!


The “Love of Mud” caps that I’ve seen around the internet these days, especially at the WC at Milton Keynes made me poke around a bit and what do you know Benedict Campbell is filming a beautiful piece about this sport that is so near and dear to our hearts.  ”FOR THE LOVE OF MUD“…..can’t wait to see the full lenght.


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