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April 2014
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2014 24HOP

The van is getting loaded and our team of factory racers is pulling their mountain bikes out of storage.  This week the 2014 mountain bike race season gets rolling with THE 24 HOURS IN THE OLD PUEBLO near Tucson, AZ.  This year we are again the official bike sponsor of the event and will be fielding a team plus bringing some our our latests products for you to check out.

You can register for the Moots frame, stem and seatpost raffle here: BAG IT all while contributing to a great cause.


Jason Coble–>The trip ringleader and FNG here in the Moots sales staff.  Jason will be taking his race laps and manning the expo booth during the event. Stop by, say hi and view some Handbuilt in The Rockies goodness. Jason will be rolling on one of our new Rogue RSL’s.

Ned Kajko–> Ned the welder returns to the desert to set the fastest lap on the team again this year.  Ned has done zero miles at this point, but rest assured, he’s a trained killer.  He’ll be piloting his 1 x 10 Mooto X around the course and making friends with the cactus along the way. You’ve been warned.

Patrick Wilder–>GrassMoots original from the Pacific Northwest.  He’s our call in/fly in sleeper.  Rapha Gentlemen’s Race veteran, Cyclocross Nationals Pit Boss and ready to drop into whatever event he’s needed at.  Super man in a cyclist costume. He’ll be rocking his MX Ybb during the race. Look for Patrick to bring this team to the finish in one piece.

Matty P–>Welder here at Moots and ready to pick up a bike and ride/race no matter his preparation.  He may or may not be sporting a full mountain man beard this winter, so you may not recognize him as he takes on the solo single speed division again this year.  Last year he claimed 3rd place solo SS off the couch. This year he’s made a special 24hour chamois cream just for this event. Matty P will be rolling on his MX RSL SS and MX SS. He’s looking for a volunteer for his chamois cream applicator position. Once again, you’ve been warned.

Dave Gensch—> Another GrassMoots original from Glenwood Springs, Colorado.  Dave is known for his adventure outings both on skis and bikes.  The winter has been a big one here in Colorado, so when asked, Dave jumped at the chance to go with the team.  Super nice to talk to; come say hi to Dave around the Moots compound. Dave will be racing on his MX Ybb.

Rob Mitchell–> Rob has home field advantage in the Tucson desert as he lives there full time.  This year Rob will see if he can top his 3-flats-in-a-lap record from last year.  Hopefully he’s figured out the whole tire sealant thing and will spend more time racing laps than fixing flats. Rob’s rig of choice is his MX YBB.

So that’s a little insight to the Moots team that is coming to 24HOP this year.  The sprinter van has been dug out of the snow banks and the sunscreen has been applied.

Come see us at the Moots expo tent or our camping compound!

See you in the desert!


This weekend some mighty nice bike brands come together for the London Bike Show for 3 days of viewing and conversations.  Our good friends at Mosquito Bikes based in London will be on hand to display Moots.

If you are lucky enough to attend the show, please stop by and see what the gents have to show you at booth # LB 1615.


YouTube Preview Image

This just about sums up Cyclocross Worlds from this past weekend.  The field of elites rides at such a high level that a little bobble can be the end.  Great battle between two rock stars of Cyclocross.


Since it is the Friday of Cyclocross Worlds weekend, we’ll finish out the week and lead up to the big races in The Netherlands by taking a look at a Psychlo X RSL single ring set up.  It just so happens to be my rig that I’ve had since the Psychlo X RSL came to be.

The frame itself is a stock geometry 56cm size.  I really don’t feel the need for a custom for my height, inseam and reach.  The stock top tube of 57cm and a 110mm stem fits out better than any bike I have owned.  I wonder how that came to be?  ;)

Items to note on the frame: Bridge less chainstay area for more clearance, no water bottle bosses~race bike only, routing for single ring set up.


I like to keep my bikes pretty simple for practical purposes.  Cantilevers, 10 speeds and tubulars.  This allows a season of less time working on the bikes and more time riding them. Running a selection of cassettes gives me a range that I can deal with, usually a 12-25 for fast courses and going to a 12-28 for more hilly courses.  The new SRAM 1 x 11 has peaked my interest for next season, could be a good one.

This bike is based on SRAM RED 10 speed from a couple of years ago.  Photos do the best job of explaining what’s going on, so let’s get to it…..


TRP Revox Cantis produce great power. Moots Carbon Cyclocross fork clearance. Levers are set up moto (rear brake is on the left side of rider)…have always prefered this on all of my bikes.

SRAM RED older 10 speed levers. Added grip tape for better hand traction. Lizard Skins DSP 1.8mm tacky tape.

Gutted left lever.  No need for shifting here on the 1 x 10 set up.  Grip tape here as well.

Moots Carbon Cyclocross fork has loads of clearance. (Pictured with Limus 33mm tubular)

Double stops only going along the top tube.

Singe 42T front ring with K-Edge outter guide.  Time pedals. BB 30 crank 175mm.

K-Edge chain watcher. I raced this bike at Louisville Worlds 2013. (also note, frame is free of water bottle bosses)

Bridgeless. You can order your Psychlo X RSL without the chainstay bridge for the ultimate in clearance. I like this option.



Last week we featured a Moots Psychlo X RSL built out with Campy EPS.  You can view that post here: MOOTS PSYCHLO X RSL + EPS.

In keeping with the theme that was started last week let’s take a look at what the boys at CYCLE PATH in Portland, OR have been up to as of late.  This being Cyclocross World Championships week and all.


Below we have our Psychlo X RSL frame that has been sent to Spectrum Powders Works for a different finish.  The reversed masked job keeps all the Moots logos in the standard locations, but uses the process to leave the decal areas as dark blast.

Since this build will be living in Portland the owner decided to go with a total sealed system of  11speed Di2 Ultegra levers + hydraulic discs, Dura Ace front & rear derailleur’s & Dura Ace crank.  Enve takes care of the fork, bar, stem, seat post and wheels. Chris King Press Fit 30 and 1.5” headset along with DT 240 hubs guarantee this rig will keep rolling smoothly for years to come. The total package is stunning and very well thought out.

Moots post mount disc for 140mm rotor handles the braking in the rear.  Note the replaceable inserts just in case you get carried away with the allen wrench.

Model name on the shaped top tube.  Mr. Moots rolls on!

Through guides run down the seat stay to the disc mount on the rear. Clean.

Mitch sent over many more photos of this build, you can go to our FlickR account and view them if you like:



Marc Moore likes his bikes nice.  Very nice.












Cathy Wiedemer of Moots presents Scott Brooks (Colorado Flood Relief) with 3100 bucks!

Back in November of 2013 we unleashed our current batch of Moots Ti Sticks on the world.  These bike race noise makers have now raised about 9,000 dollars for great causes in just 3 years of building them.  You can see my original post for the 2013 version here: MOOTS TI STICKS

Raising money to benefit THE GREAT COLORADO FLOOD RELIEF PROJECT went more than just well…it went great.  The Moots Ti Sticks hit our web store and within 24 hours we had sold all 31 of them at 100 buck each.  That’s 3100 dollars directly to Colorado Flood victims.  Great job to all of you that bought one and supported our fellow Coloradans!

This last week we attended Cyclocross Nationals in Boulder, CO and had a great time.  Races, friends and parties.  But, one of the most satisfying moments of the event was handing a check off to Scott Brooks of The Great Colorado Flood Relief organization from all of you.

Scott was raised in the areas that were hardest hit by the floods in September and even before the water receded he knew he had to help.  Before he knew it he was the director of the non-profit.  He came by our booth on Friday during CXNats  and walked the grounds of Valmont.  He could see this passionate group of cyclists out there giving it their all. I explained to him that our cycling family both near and far really cares for each other and the 3100.00 we raised came from the heart of that family. I think he was in shock.



The big week is here for all of us Cyclocross racers/fans/fanatics in North America. Our National Championships are being held in the bubble that we all call Boulder, Colorado.  The most arguably coolest place to be cyclists is playing host to 5 days of racing and at least a bazillion times more than that, for the cycling “after party”.  There are kick off parties to the kick off parties. The wrap up party, the XYZ component party, and the party that you’ll hear about after it happens and wish you were there party.    Only NAHBS comes to mind with more parties per capita.

So we are throwing our hat into the ring so we can have a place to go and unwind after many days of being out in the fresh air of Valmont Bike Park and not have to think about “what party to go to”.


If your social calendar is not full this week while you are in Boulder, you now have a chance to come visit one of the most unique shops in all the land.  Vecchio’s Bicicletteria and Moots are throwing a low key- have-a-drink-and-some-apps get together.  Vecchio’s is a premier Moots Dealer with the man Jim Potter at the helm.  This is your chance to come see Vecchio’s after hours and see just what makes this shop tick.  We’ll have some great Moots bikes on display in addition to the amazing Vecchio’s collection.








We are just a few weeks away from Cyclocross Nationals which will be held in Boulder, Colorado January 8th-12th.  We have secured a 10 x 20 heated space at the event for any and all Moots racers that are attending the event.  Come and make our space your base camp for your event.  We will have a small number of wind trainers inside the Moots compound for you to use as well as a space to stash your gear.

Valmont Bike Park will be alive with racing and you should expect space to be limited around the venue for parking.  The size of the venue will bring spectators in ‘’tight”, so this will give the race course an amazing feel.

There will be mud, snow, ice & sun? Yes.

Moots staff will be on hand during normal expo hours bring your bike by and say hi, we’d love to meet you.

We are also planning a social evening with our local Boulder Moots Dealer Vecchio’s. Come join us for a beer and light apps that Saturday night at Vecchio’s.  (More details to come as we get closer).

Stakes are going in the ground at Valmont as I type.

If are planning to be at nationals and own a Moots, please let us know you are coming.  Shoot me an e-mail at:

See you in Boulder!

Hup! Hup!




A few weeks ago a couple of us from Moots made a quick pointed trip to Southern California. It was down and dirty quick.  Depart on Thursday am and be back Monday night.  Not the shortest trip ever known to man, but did I mention we drove there & back? Yep, from my calculations we spent 38 hours behind the wheel and in the sprinter van during those days.

Yes, it was a quick trip and we only saw two shops and did two events, but those events made up for what quantity can never give you.


Just up the road from the coastal town of Ventura and through the small town of Casitas Springs, (where Johnny Cash once called home) sits Ojai, California.  In some ways it reminds me of Steamboat Springs, population about 10,000, surrounded by beautiful mountains and inhabited by some of the nicest people you’d like to meet.  Main street in Ojai really is the “main street” with several businesses and shops that don’t scream big box.

Right when you enter town on the left is the site of The Mob Shop.  The building has some real character; once a gas station that had gone out of business and sat empty for 17 years, now a revitalized & remodeled building that houses a very special bike shop.


Kelly, Greg & Tim are the partners in the shop and serve as almost every position in the store.  Mechanic, sales staff and floor sweeper, you name it they do it.  The story of the shop goes something like this; several years ago Kelly ran a Recycle Bicycle program out of a local pool store.  Yes, a pool store.  Chlorine on one side, bike parts on the other.  Now I’ve heard of a lot of lawn mower/bike shop combos, locksmith/bike shop combos, but before this had never had the pool/bike shop combo thrown out there.  Anyway, the pool/recycle bike shop progressed into a newer space after about a year and then Kelly & Greg felt the need for an even bigger space.  The gas station was found and Tim was brought into the fold.

They spent about 6 months remodeling the old gas station into an amazing space.  They kept some of that old-school gas station feel by using some of the features as fixtures in the store.  Car lifts, over head doors and the outside classic gas station bathroom.  (Yes, you gotta ask for the key to use it)


The new space hosted a Grand Opening in June of 2012.  In Ojai, the crew that turned this deserted building into an amazing space has gotten the attention of locals and those that travel from LA to escape for the weekend as the place to go to for your bicycle needs.  Big or small, commuter or full on racer.

One customer in particular has been a constant as the boys grow their business.  Jack Mitchell frequents the shop and does his part to keep them in business by buying bikes one after another.  Jack now owns 3 Moots through The Mob Shop and might have a 4th in his future in the form of a Frosti.  Jack is a character and a character that rides…every day.  He rides somewhere around 9,000 miles a year.  He’s retired and loving every pedal stroke.  He’s a pretty amazing guy, loads of stories about managing music venues and riding his bike. (That’s him above with Tim).


Yes, our industry is a passion driven one.  Most of us fall victim to the industry because we have a passion for the bike.  Yet, sometimes life gets in the way, longs hours of work followed by long hours of life.  It’s easy to let one day of not riding turn into 30, then before you know it you’re separated from what got you into this in the first place.

The gents at The Mob Shop ride.  They have that passion that pushes them out the door and onto the bike.  I think it makes a difference on how they see their business and how they can relate product to customers, to the connection of riding.  Our demo afternoon ran into the evening on that Friday, we stayed and (might of) had a beer with them.  The next day our schedule was tight, but we took the offer to join them for an early ride.  We have to right? It’s part of the job right? Yes, I’m right.  We could not go all that way and not ride with them.  So early on Saturday morning we met back at the shop, fitted customers and staff to Moots demos, slammed down coffee and a pastry and off we went.  Road bikes.  Climbing from the start….up, up and more up.  4,000 feet in 15 miles.  We climbed one of the favorite routes of the group and descended back to town, changed and hit the road.  The “afterglow” of a ride stuck with us the rest of the day.

In my opinion you learn a lot by riding with someone, whether through conversation or just how they roll on a bike.  It’s good to know we have a very special dealer in Ojai that understands bikes.  If you ever find yourself in the area, stop in and say hi & meet The Mob Shop crew.  Have a coffee and join them for a ride if you can.  You won’t regret it.  We didn’t.


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