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September 2015
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The VAMOOTS DR has won Bicycling Magazine Editors’ Choice Award for 2015!!!

Read the review notes here:  MOOTS VAMOOTS DR-EDITORS’ CHOICE 2015

Read: What Makes an Editors’ Choice Bike


Our long standing relationship with Shimano neutral support started with a 12 bike Cyclocross fleet in 2012 and has grown into an additional 20 bike road fleet.  Shimano neutral support and those sexy blue wagons and trucks are out fitted with 20 Vamoots CR models that run a range of mechanical and electronic group sets.  How would you like to get handed a Moots during a crisis in a race?,… team car? No pit? No problem.  Hand in the air when some of our coutries best racers are killing themselves during a NRC race and Shimano will have their back if their team car is not around.

After years of using other brands and materials that just would not hold the test of time Shimano approched Moots to build a fleet that would be on the cars and under racers for years to come.   We jumped at the chance to really showcase the durability of our bikes and funny enough, after a pro or two has had to use one, they really love the ride as well.

For 2015 Shimano will be at the entire NRC series and finally at the end of summer when Road World Championships roll into Richmond, Virginia….guess what will be on the top of those cars?  Moots.

If you get a chance to visit one of the races, make sure to stop by the boys in blue and get up close with a nice fleet of Moots.

Early mornings on race day for the Shimano crew.


Always clean and always dialed…..the fleet at the ready.

A good reason to have a mechanical?



Schwab Cycles is located in Lakewood, Colorado which is the perfect distance from Denver and the mountains and road routes that dot the area.  Schwab is truly a family run business.  At the helm is Bruce Schwab who practices what he preaches when it comes to riding, racing and carrying only product that he would ride himself.  Bruce is a very accomplished racer both in Cyclocross and road disciplines.  In the early 90′s our Colorado Cyclocross series was largely fueled by Bruce and his business.  Not only were they the go-to shop for equipment that you could not find anywhere but Europe, they also supported the race series as well. Known as “The Boss of Cross” I got to know them when I worked at another shop and purchased my very first real Cyclocross frame set from them….they always had the parts you could not find anywhere.

Always taking care of their customers and building out gorgeous Moots.


Bruce runs the shop while his mother Doris keeps everyone in line and the product stocked in every category.  If you have ever met them, you know what true Colorado cycling icons they are.  When we visit Schwab’s it’s more like family than business.  They know the names of our kids….and are truly interested in how they are doing.


Schwab’s also has the distinction of being one of, if not the longest running Moots Dealer….anywhere….They started carrying Moots in the very early 90′s and have been with us ever since.  Their support of our company is exceptional and does not go unnoticed by all at Moots.

If you find yourself in Denver, make sure to check them out.




This week our international man of sales, Matt Alford will be in the UK making stops at all of our dealers and searching out some new ones as well. During the week he’ll be stopping at Moots Dealers; Mosquito Bikes, Bespoke Cycling and Primo Cycles to name just a few.  Once the week nears its end Matt will be at BESPOKED, THE UK HANDMADE BICYCLE SHOW in Bristol.  He’ll be on hand with Mosquito Bikes to answer all your questions about Moots.

Make your plans and come out to the finest bike show in England.  Stop by and check out Moots!


Welcome to Moots….Surrounded by 3rd Graders eager to learn.

I have to admit, it was a little bit of selfishness on my part, but really it was my turn and I would not be denied. My youngest is in the 3rd grade and over the years Moots has worked pretty closley with our local schools on things like Bike Rodeos, Hike and Bike to School days and factory tours when they come up.  This year the 3rd grade at Strawberry Park Elementary has had a session they call “Mini Society” where they elect a city council, set rules, write tickets for offenders and explore a business model where they make a small product or offer a service to sell (they use fake money).  They also have to do a bit of marketing of their product.  Pretty fun stuff that teaches them a number of concepts.

We started in the miter shop, which, miter is a fancy word for cut! (pulling from my Fancy Nacy knowledge)

A bike drawing and tube samples started off the tour.

Part of the program includes a trip to Moots to see what is involved in sourcing materials, building a bike frame, marketing and selling a real-life product.  When my daughters teacher asked if I could do the tours I jumped at the chance.

Don’t drink the coolant!  Eric shows them some CNC work.

With the thumbs up from everyone at Moots the stage was set for two 1.5hour tours of our place.  50 students each day over two days.  Now, at this point you might think yeah, yeah bragging about the cool things Moots does for the kids, but really it’s something we really believe in and if you have ever witnessed the wide eyes of a kid learning something new, you know.

At the end of the tour they sat on the show room floor and asked some great questions.

These girls showed their Moots spirit!

Thanks to Strawberry Park Elementary and the teachers that put this together.  Great learning going on!



Our Moots Demo Tour 2015 takes us to Southern California for the next stops at our finest dealers.  Read below to make plans to catch up with the Moots Sprinter van and the treasure chest of titanium goodness inside.  Come out and demo, bring your pedals, helmet and questions.  Our own Michael Loomis will be on hand to chat and ride.














Eric’s ROUTT, ready for a season of roads, gravel and fun.

So what does one ride when they work at Moots? Moots is the obvious answer, but within that there are plenty of choices and we each have our favorite discipline or style.  For some it’s all about the mountain bike.  Trails can’t open fast enough for our single track seeking co-workers.  For others it’s all about the road, and then there are the Cyclocross fanatics…but for most if not all, it’s everything as long as it has two wheels.  Many of us seem to flow with the seasons.  Winter fat-bike, early spring roads and classic dirt roads that abound the Yampa Valley, then we transition onto single track when the snow relents. It’s a diverse group for sure.  That, to me is what makes Moots all that more special.

Eric Hindes heads up our machining department. If you are riding something from Moots he more than likely designed and machined some part on your trusty steed.  If you have opened a beer with one of our bottle openers you can bet Eric tested the design so it works perfect every time.  He has a love for metal music, bike history, fly fishing and of course riding bikes.  (He’s from Iowa so I’m pretty sure the love of bikes is bread into him somehow.)

Eric has had several of our Psychlo X frames over the years, always testing some type of new set up.  He also has one of our 29” hardtails with drop bars….yes, he was a fan of Tomac and that era of cycling pretty much gives you more insight to Eric.

Onto his new ROUTT…..Like I said above, Eric has had several cross bikes over the years and when we re-configured the long standing Psychlo X into the ROUTT he could not resist.  The lower bb, slacker head angle, shorter top tube and taller head tube give the bike a solid fit and stable handling for those mixed surface rides that dot the country side around Steamboat and beyond. Eric went with a nice build that features trust worthy components for the long haul.

Eric’s ROUTT–

ROUTT 58cm frame, solid black decals, Chris King 1.5 to 1.125 head set, Deda RHM 01 bars, Ultegra 11 speed, Moots 110 x 0 stem.

ENVE disc CX fork, TRP HYRD mechanical to hydro calipers for the stopping department.

ROUTT-The name comes from the county that Steamboat Springs is located.

The original Moots head badge….circa 1985

Stans ZTR Crest wheel set, wrapped in Panaracer GRAVELKING 700 X 32mm.

Eric went with a Praxis Works crank set that uses their M30 BB.  It’s a standard english 68mm threaded shell with outboard bearings that house the large 30mm spindle.  Stiff, light, stout.  The rings are also Praxis, they shift extremely well.

11-28 11 speed cassette and Ultegra f & R derailleurs run the drive train department.

3rd water bottle option under the down tube for those extra long adventures on hot days.

All systems go.  Bar Fly Garmin mount, black deda cork tape.



If you follow us on our social media feeds you might have noticed some particularly stunning builds and photos from BESPOKE CYCLING – LONDON. The ladies and gents at Bespoke Cycling do an amazing job, fitting, building and delivering Moots builds to their customers.  Below are just a couple of builds that are now out in the world collecting miles under some pretty happy riders.


All photos by: Bobby Whittaker

Psychlo X Disc.

Always in good hand with Chris King hubs.

Beautiful speed.

Mooto X RSL with 1x 11 & Lefty fork.

On your left.

Ready to fly.

Visit Bespoke Cycling for more images and Moots information in the London area.


This beauty came through the other day and really started thoughts of brown ribbons of goodness running through my head.  It’s early spring in Steamboat and our trails are still under snow, but that first trip to Fruita is not that far off.

YBB What?

Over the years the YBB has morphed from a 26” wheeled-U brake equipped steel bike in the late 80′s with a rigid fork, then onto titanium in starting in 1991.  As technology improved we had v-brakes and tubeless wheel sets in the late 90′s, which led to disc brakes and then 29” wheels in 1999.  All the while the YBB (why be beat) sat just behind the seat tube using its 1 1/8” of rear wheel travel to soak up and take the edge off hundreds of thousands of trail miles under riders world wide. It’s a simple system, or maybe it is to us because we’ve been building them for so long, but if you are looking for a no-nonsense, low maintenace cross country single track slayer, look no further. Today the tubing is bigger in diameter, thinner in wall and is more refined than those early YBB days.  Advances such as thru-axles, dropper posts and super dialed group sets put this bike into a super performance category. There is also wheel diameter choices to be had….we make them around 26”, 27.5 and 29”, something for everyone.

Below we take a look at a 2015 version.  I hope you enjoy.


MX YBB-2015

22” Size frame

23 pounds as pictured

142 x 12 thru-axle (stock)

XTR 2 x11

Front side swing derailuer

Dropper post

44mm Head Tube

100mm travel fork

Lifetime warranty

Front side swing routing

Always Breezer style drop outs and 142 x 12 thru-axle, keeps the rear end tight & solid.

Going up and going down….Dropper post fits nicely into the 30.9 inner seat post diameter.

External dropper seat post routing and the YBB unit….just enough to take the edge off.

44mm head tube, 1.5 to 1.125 steerer tube, Moots stem, Moots ti spacers.  Also note the new side swing front deralieur routing down the down tube.

Non drive side 142 x 12 thru-axle and post mount disc mount.  Clean & solid.

Side swing routing.

Always topped off with our mountain version head badge. Mr. Moots….ride on!



We are continuing our pull through the heart land and will have demo days with Moots dealers along the way. Come out and test ride road, mountain, cross and gravel bikes from Moots! We have a sprinter van full of dialed bikes in many sizes and models. Jeremiah Gantzer from Moots HQ will be on hand to talk titainium and everything Moots. Read below for dates, times and locations.




3-6pm Demo

6-8pm group ride with Moots!





3-5pm Open Demos & Ti Talk with Jeremiah

5-7pm Demo & Group ride

7-8pm Moots Happy Hour



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