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March 2015
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The sun sets on day one of Moots Owners Camp.

Pfffffff……Was that a tire loosing air or the sound of my near hibernating cycling legs just giving out?  I’m not sure which, but I do know this:  This group of Moots Owners that has gathered in the Tucson desert this week to hammer out a week of miles is dedicated.  They come from all walks of life and from places all over our country.  They ride and ride hard.  They enjoy good food, good laughs and they all have the love of Moots in common. The interaction and talk of bicycles we have had in just a single day together cannot be matched by an e-mail, newsletter or even a phone call.   I sit in The Cycling House and feel humbled that these fine folks would come and spend a good chunk of money to shack up and ride their guts out.

Anthony and his Vamoots DR

As the hustle and bustle of the holiday seasons are looming we rolled for just about 70 miles today sharing stories, pulls and laughs. We passed cactus that are decorated for Christmas just the way a tree would be. In all we have 13 Moots owners, two dealers and of course The Cycling House staff that has this gig dialed.  As we road at about 20 strong today I think about these riders…..  They have busy lives, they live in big cities…they have families, they also have a passion for cycling that we all share. We are cut from similar molds.

This is the coolest Moots event I’ve ever been involved with and I’ve been with Moots for 18 years now.  It’s the ultimate contact and story sharing experience.  We all love bikes, gear and riding.  To have this camp which is now its third year is a sign to me that cycling is alive and well in the US.  We are not PROS, but to have this opportunity to act like one for a week.  A follow van stocked with food and drink, ditching clothing as the day heats up and having a guide call out turns….nothing to think about but pedaling.

Moots bikes vary from Vamoots RSL’s, Routt Ybb, Vamoots DR and a classic Compact SL.  Sharing with these cycling devotees how we build, why we build and what makes our little company tick over miles, great meals and drink is the perfect way to tell our story.

Tucson is new to me for riding….never been here, but after just a day or two can say I’ll be back.

Today was 70 miles on rolling terrain, tomorrow Mt. Lemmon comes for us.  Just a mere 6k of climbing in one sitting. HUP, HUP, time to rest up…..

You can view our FLICKR account for more photos from today:




Michael Robson does Moots proud.  His tip: “don’t shave, go fast.”

Over the weekend, Colorado played host to the 2014 Rocky Mountain Regional CX Championships.  Brook Watts who puts on CrossVegas teamed up with Without Limits to put together a great course.  Most called it very non-technical so it would be a fast tactical race.

Moots CX  men took the honors in the 35+ and the Pro/Open catagories.


Michael has been on a tear lately starting back on the cold day at the Boulder Rez….taking that day’s win with super handling skills that he always has, next was the Parker race on a technical course and reduced field.  Michael worried that those might be flukes, but now with his win at the RMCX Champs, that is not the case.  Michael dueled it out and took a sprint win on a course that was not his style.  This really looks good for next weekend as we have our Colorado State Championships in Castle Rock.  Michael is the 35+ defending champ and looks to defend his title.  Then it’s 4 weeks until Nats….Look out for the un-shaven Aussie on his Moots! No fluke!


Gage was fresh off his European visit and his win at Koksjide.  He pounced on the field during the RMCX Champs and took the win in a stacked field of PRO men.  This should be an epic battle next week for the state title that has been held over the years my many notable Colorado Pros.

Good work gents.  Rest up and be ready to rumble this coming weekend!


The “Love of Mud” caps that I’ve seen around the internet these days, especially at the WC at Milton Keynes made me poke around a bit and what do you know Benedict Campbell is filming a beautiful piece about this sport that is so near and dear to our hearts.  ”FOR THE LOVE OF MUD“…..can’t wait to see the full lenght.



Gage Hecht pilots his Psychlo X RSL to the win at Koksijde, Belgium!

Gage Hecht had an amazing weekend in Belgium.  The Junior Cyclocrosser went from racing our local Colorado race at the Boulder Rez one weekend to winning the junior division at Koksijde, Belgium.  One week…one week…..the sands of the Rez had to help right?  It couldn’t hurt.

Gage is sponsored by several companies including Moots.  This connection came to us via Alpha Bicycle Company in Centennial, Colorado.  The shop serves up top notch service and products they believe in, ranging from customers that ride only the bike path to now, International Cyclocross Super hero.

The sands of Koksijde, Belgium are storied.  Wars have been waged on the beaches there both on bike and real war.  The Dunes require a tight rope walk of balance and power application.  Gage put his skills to the test by being the first American to ever podium; much less win a race on the historic air base at Koksjide.

Bart along for the ride with Gage—photo stole from TQHOPPER

After winning on Saturday Gage set his sights on the Super Prestige at Spa.  A course that was described over the weekend as something that would be almost illegal in the US.  Not many riders have been exposed to the technical aspect of something like the Spa course.  Gage was in the hunt early, but as so many riders found out, the course sometimes wins.  He had a mechanical and that took him many spots back where he finished 27th on the day.

You can view the video from Sunday here:  SP FRANCORCHAMPS (SPA)-JUNIOREN

We’ll be tracking Gage and looking forward to his next races.  Nice work Gage!




Alan’s new ROGUE YBB made it’s trail debut in Fruita.


Rogue YBB

142 x 12 Thru-axle

PF bb30 (option upgrade)

XT Build

Fox fork

DT Swiss Wheel set

Chris King head set & PFbb30 bottom bracket

Moots stem & post

Trails are near and dear to our hearts that goes without saying.  The bunch here at Moots is active with our local trail club: The Routt County Riders, which has been maintaining trails and building new trails in our area for the past 20 years.  What was once a club of a handful of people meeting to make sure we had places to ride our mountain bikes, has now blossomed to 300+ members!

Building on the need for maintenance and developing more trails the club wanted to purchase a machine that would be able to knock out building new trails at a higher pace vs. doing all the work by hand.  So the plans were laid to purchase an ST240.  The price tag was large, but the club got very creative with financing and had great people and businesses backing them….Moots being a primary source of fund raising. We offered to donate a fully built bike and with the help of other industry friends. Stepping up to the plate was: DT SWISS, SHIMANO, FOX and CHRIS KING. With their help and the good people that bought raffle tickets we raised $12,500 dollars which was matched dollar for dollar by an anonymous party. So in the end we raised $25,000 towards the ST240.  Amazing work by all.

The Routt County Riders Fall get away in Fruita

Which bring us to the lucky winner of the bike: Alan Perkins. He moved to Steamboat not that long ago after a visit and of all things a bike trip.  Go figure.  After sampling the trails and getting a feel for the town he knew this was a place he’d love.  Alan is a long time cyclist of all disciplines and found that Steamboat had everything he was looking for.  Soon after moving here he joined RCR and was immediately lending his hand on trail work days.  Alan was gracious enough to write some thoughts about his time on the Rogue Ybb.  Here’s what he had to say……..


Yes the bike is dirty!   I really wanted the first ride to be on Morning Gloria(a new local trail), as symbolic tribute, but that didn’t seem to work out.  However, I did take it with me to the RCR year-end weekend in Fruita and had a blast.

The bike surprised me, actually.  It’s a touch lighter than my SC Tallboy2 Carbon, which is probably one of the best XC29ers out there, but I gotta admit, the Rogue, rides lighter.  It could be the weight, the location of that weight, the shorter wheelbase, the quicker wheel spin, or all of the above, but it’s super nimble, quick and very flicky.

Never far from reach…..Alan camped out in Fruita and go to know his new rig

It felt like I was able to ride up some smaller techy sections a little easier, and rode down stuff I know I rode on the TB.  LunchLine out LunchLoops was a little much, but otherwise, I must have bunny-hopped up, over, and off about half the rock features in Fruita!  Did I mention it was nimble and flicky?  :)

I put some Enve XC bars on it, but haven’t really done much else.  I had Brock (Orange Peel Bicycle Service) install a crappy 80mm stem as a placeholder, but I think I’ll want to bring it in 10 more mm.  I’m pretty sure he’s got the 90 still in its box.  The rest of the build is really good.  XT build is pretty nice.  Not sure I’ll stick with a 3×10, but that’s kinda inconsequential.  The Fox fork is good, and the wheels, well stiff, strong and spin like hell.

Its a bike that fits my riding style and personality perfectly.   I ride kinda like I ski, PGH, point, go, hammer.   It’s fantastic.





FROSTHAMMER–4.8” tire, 100mm travel, Bluto ready.

Fat bikes have had a long history with us here at Moots.  Once made only as a “project” bike for a couple of riders, and then a a seasonal run, we have now moved into making them year round in stock sizes.  10 years of experimenting has lead us to offer 4 stock sizes in both the 5” FROSTHAMMER & 4” FROSTI. Below you will find the features, specs and photos. Just as the first Polar Vortex hits a big section of the country our focus turns to fat bikes.

Ready to get FAT? We are…..


Eric’s baby.  The FROSTHAMMER was developed with much Moots employee input and testing.  Eric’s bike sticks with a rigid fork.

The FROSTHAMMER is Rockshox Bluto 100mm travel ready


The Frosthammer represents cutting edge technology in a Moots handcrafted package. Building off of the “standardization” of fat bike builds, we have incorporated top of the line features into this all season snow bike.


Our stock FROSTHAMMER comes with these important design features:

  • • Built to hold a 4.8 tire on a 100mm wide rim
  • • Geometry is suspension corrected for Rockshox Bluto 100mm travel
  • • 1 x & 2 x 11 compatible
  • • 100mm bb shell
  • • 190 rear wheel spacing (QR)
  • • 29er+ wheel compatible (29 x 3.0’’)
  • • Built to handle a 30.9 seat post (which is dropper post friendly)
  • • ISO disc mount

100mm bb shell to clear those fattys!

190mm rear spacing as stock or 197 x 12 thru-axle as an upgrade option

44mm headtube with 1.5” lower bearing for tapered fork

FROSTHAMMER for the fattys

Options to consider on the FROSTHAMMER

  • • Upper and lower rack eyelets
  • • 3rd water bottle mount
  • • Post mount disc
  • • Dropper seat post cable routing
  • • 197 x 12 rear thru-axle

Dropper seat post routing as an option

FROSTHAMMER in summer mode with 29+ wheel set (29” x 3.0)


The 4” tire FROSTI

For those that don’t want or need the mass of a 5” tire we offer the FROSTI which shares many of the features found on the FROSTHAMMER in a paired down version.


Our stock FROSTI comes with these important design features:

  • • Built to hold a 4’’ tire on an 80mm rim
  • • Geometry is suspension corrected for Rockshox Bluto 80mm travel
  • • 1 x & 2 x  11 compatible
  • • 100mm bb shell
  • • 170 rear wheel spacing (QR)
  • • Built to handle a 30.9 seat post (which is dropper post friendly)
  • • ISO disc mount

Options to consider on the FROSTI

  • • Upper and lower rack eyelets
  • • 3rd water bottle mount
  • • Post mount disc
  • • Dropper seat post cable routing
  • • 177 x 12 rear thru-axle


To celebrate and honor Veteran’s Day 2014, Moots is offering 10% off everything on the Moots store.  For one special day (November 11th,2014) you can use the code:  VETERANSDAY2014 at time of check out to receive 10% off the items in your cart.

Get over to the Moots store to stock up on those Mr. Moots approved items.





CATEGORY: 17-18 junior


Through some of our dealers we come in contact with many talented athletes over the years.  This year our dealer (ALPHA BICYCLE CO.) in Centennial, Colorado contacted us concerning sponsoring a junior for the Cyclocross season.  We helped out with some equipment, but really had no idea what a force we were looking at.  Meet Gage Hecht.  He’s racing the 17-18 year old junior category in Cyclocross….and by the way; he’s ranked #1 in the world! Gage is racing on a fleet of Psychlo X RSL frames this year and is poised to be in Europe as the heart of the season gets rolling.  Gage took the time to write about what he’s been up to lately……

From Gage:

I have had a great time so far this season with all of the racing that has taken place. Thanks to Alpha’s sponsors I have been afforded the opportunity to travel around the country and soon across the globe.

Early in the season I went to the Providence Cyclocross Festival. During the two day event I raced top caliber riders from all over the country. The first day it was cool outside and during the race it began to rain. I was able to hold second position for the first half lap. After that, I put in an attack that gave me a gap and I held it for the remainder of the race. The second day I sat in the lead group for the entirety of the race and held out for a second place.

Just this past weekend, I raced in Cincinnati at the Cinci3 UCI race. Both days were in parks consisting of a very grassy environment; however, the second day I raced held a lot more elevation gain and overall technical difficulty. The first day, I broke off the front in the first lap and built upon that gap until the finish. The second day, which was the Pan-American Championships, I got the whole shot and worked with my former teammate, Christopher Blevins, until we were two laps outside of finishing. I put in an attack and it led to my gaining a healthy lead. Consequently, I earned the title of Pan-American Champion. This win was the first American win at the Pan-American Cyclocross championships. Following that weekend I have been ranked the #1 Junior Elite Cyclocross racer in the world…such an honor!

Over the next couple of months I have been invited by the USA Cycling National Team to compete in Europe and experience a new level of racing.  These races, some of which will be world cups, will take place in Belgium and the Netherlands where I will have the opportunity to race in typical European Cyclocross conditions consisting of a lot of mud.  I’m really looking forward to comparing European Cyclocross racing/competition with American Cyclocross.

My goals this year are to continue to improve and grow as a rider while racing the Senior Men Open races with the Pros.  Ultimately, I hope to win Cyclocross National Championships in Austin, TX and qualify for Worlds.  If I am invited to race at Worlds, which will be held in the Czech Republic, I hope to place top ten representing America well.  Again, I cannot thank Alpha and its sponsors enough for all of the support they have invested in me.

I am grateful to also have been provided a lot of great equipment this year. The Moots bikes that I am riding are amazing. It’s really cool to get the chance to ride titanium as opposed to carbon. It has proven to be a great material and the bikes perform amazingly. Also, this year I have been given the opportunity to use TRP’s mechanical disk brakes, which I have never race with before. These are like the cherry on top of the pie. Sram helped us a lot with components. I have always loved their product and they have performed well as always.  I am thankful for the Clement tires I receive. They have helped me get through all the conditions I have faced with ease. DT Swiss has provided me with high quality hubs and wheels, and Fi’zi:k has delivered the comfort that every rider wants. My Lazar helmet fits like no other has which I am grateful for because my head shape is hard to fit.  WickWerks has provided me with some or the best chainrings that are on the market and Crankbrothers gave me some very versatile pedals. Finally, Orange Seal has saved me from many flats, both on training rides and in the race.

Thank you so much to all of these sponsors for helping me grow as an athlete and reach my goals: Vista Auto Group, Subaru of America, United Healthcare, and Cardel Homes.  I couldn’t do what I am doing without your support!



Just before bar tape, you’ll see Susie coming!

Our dear friend Susie Wargin of Channel 9 News, based in Denver, Colorado likes the color pink.  So much so that this is the second bike she’s had painted in her favorite hue. This time around it’s a Vamoots RSL.  Susie has been a long standing sports anchor with the top rated 9 News for many years.  Always taking that early morning gig and always finding a special interest in cycling events around our great state.  Coincidence? I think not.  Is there a reason she gets to follow the US PRO CHALLENGE? Ride the Rockies? Yes, cycling is in her blood.

3/4 paint keeps the blasted rear showing

This last summer she visited and stayed with us here at Moots.  A type of break from the action and part ordering a new bike!  Susie is stepping away from the super full time news gig to pursue other things as well as being with her family a bit more.  In there somewhere she has decided to do RAAM in 2015!  What bike will she be on?  This pink RSL no less.

Mr. Moots looks good against the paint

Her bike is now done and ready to get those training miles rolling.

  • Susie went with these highlights on her new rig:
  • Vamoots RSL (custom)
  • Moots RSL fork
  • Shimano Ultegra kit
  • Shimano Ultegra wheels
  • Moots Ti stem 31.8
  • Moots Ti post (zero set back)
  • Chris King 1 1/8” no-thread set (black sotovoce)
  • Chris King PF BB
  • Custom “Telecom” Pink paint

Blasted relief logo on the down tube

Clean bb cluster with Chris King PF30

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