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April 2014
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BIKE: “Suitcase of Courage”



The very bike you are looking at was built just for our International Sales Director Matthew Alford.  As his title indicates he handles all of our international accounts which puts him logging some frequent flier miles around the globe.  Matt was getting a little tired of seeing the world from the window of a jet and back seat of a taxi, so he built himself the perfect travel companion.  Now when he’s on the move his PX S & S bike gets packed and he’s as mobile as they come.

This “suitcase of courage” Moots was designed to handle anything and everything thrown its way from fast shop rides in Charlotte to rickshaw-dodging in Jakarta.  The 450mm chainstays allow a fat 40c tire for exploring WAY off the beaten path, or a quick switch to high-pressure 25c  tires to hang with the RSLs on group rides.  S&S couplers fit the whole shebang on board without extra luggage fees, and Moots custom mounts allow easy reassembly in ports of call far from home.

Some specifications on the “Suitcase of Courage”

S & S Couplers450mm Chainstay option for 40mm tire

44mm Head tube

140mm Rear post mount disc

Moots custom titanium bike stand

For a complete gallery on the “Suitcase of Courage” you can check out this bike and others on our FLICKR….just click below.




The Paragon Machine Works Toggle Dropout featured on Moots Rogue.

This one-off build will be at the NAHBS this week in the Paragon Machine Works booth. The crew at PMW does an amazing job on design and execution…just a couple of the reason we choose them to make some of our weld ons.   The ToggleDrop Out allows a rider to keep their single speed chain or belt drive tension set even after removing the wheel for a flat tire. You can slip the wheel back in the drop outs and it returns to the tension you had already set. …pretty slick and sweet. You can take a closer look on the PARAGON website here: PARAGON MACHINE WORKS


Going Rogue….this little beauty hits the trail after NAHBS……

Head set spacer encrusted with PINK sapphires.

End cap with sapphire eyes!

You can click over to our FLICKR to view more photos of this NAHBS bike plus others….



The week of the North American Handmade Bicycle Show is here! Last minute tweaks to bikes and some final shipping logistics worked out and  we are ready for the show!

We’ve got some pretty incredible builds this year and will be posting them as we tick off the days to the show.  Follow us along here for details.

For now we’ve got an invite for a social evening at our Charlotte Dealer (BICYCLE SPORT) and a Saturday morning ride before we hit the show.  (see invite above). Come hang out, come and go for a ride.


Our Dealer BIKE EFFECT in Santa Monica just delivered a custom Vamoots, which by itself is no big deal as they are THE place to go for a custom fitting and build. However, this particular build was off the charts big.  Meet DeAndre Jordon, he plays center for the LA CLIPPERS and has realized that riding a bike can keep you fit and have lower impact than running to stay fit.  The build was amazing to watch come together.  At 6’11” and a listed 265 pounds, we went BIG on everything.  Some of the tubing specs:

44mm head tube @300mm long


1.75 inch diameter down tube

1 3/8” seat tube

30.9 seat post

Igleheart custom steel fork with 400mm steerer

Custom Moots 150 x +10 stem

225mm cranks

Really cool to think that when you see him dunk like this (DUNK OF THE YEAR) his Vamoots just might give him that extra %.

To complete the impressiveness of this build, the drawing:


This good looking build comes to us from Southern California and Graham Milner of WD40 BIKE.  Graham wanted to build a bike that would be a worthy machine to tackle the variety of terrain and road surfaces he sees throughout the year while at home or on the road at events with WD40 BIKE .

Graham has had a number of custom bikes over the years and now his Moots Psychlo X disc may have just retired some of the others in the garage.  In order to hit the fit for Graham we went custom as the stock sizing was just not going to work out.  So we started talking back at the Boulder Cup Cross weekend in October about a bike that would feel at home on pavement, gravel and the Cyclocross course.  The changes we made to the Psychlo X this last year really have been beneficial in hitting the marks for a good number of riders.  They want a Cyclocross worthy race rig, but would also find themselves hitting that wide range of rides on pavement & gravel. To do this we lowered the bb a touch, slackened the angles vs. the quicker RSL version and took the head tube to a longer 44mm (for tapered forks/disc) diameter.

In the new Psychlo X geometry is also the OPTION to go to a 45cm chainstay to allow for a bigger 40mm tire if you so desire.  The standard chainstay length is 42.3cm and will take a 35mm tire.  The shorter chainstay keeps the bike a little tighter for the race course and pavement rides.  Graham chose the 42.3cm stay on this build.

In the photo above Graham’s bike is pictured with 28mm Conti-GatorSkins for pavement & gravel. For cross, he’ll be able to change out the tires or the entire wheel set to roll on 33′s.

Once we finalized geometry we went to work on the build.  6-8 weeks later out came his Moots.

Graham decked out the final build with the following:

Moots Psychlo X Custom w/disc

Enve Disc CX Fork

Chris King 1.5 tapered head set

Chris King R45 Disc Hubs

Moots Stem

Moots Cinch Post

Ultegra 11 speed w/mechanical disc/compact

Red anodized bits highlight the build

Graham will be able to ride this bike in a number of situations.  If you attend an event that WD40 BIKE is at, we are sure you will be able to see Graham’s bike hanging around with Graham not far away.

Enjoy the ride Graham!




We’re looking for a full time employee, willing to work forty hours a week, dayshift, Monday to Friday…….




Moots in Johannesburg South Africa~Sharing the Love

TEAM MOOTS~South Africa

Hennie Loubser and Jon Strausburg are the proud owners of these two Vamoots CR bikes.

Cycling with friends in the Cradle of Humankind just outside of Johannesburg South Africa, Feb 22nd 2014.


We just wanted share the love of cycling and our MOOTS  from South Africa.


Sincerely~ Jon Strausburg



Moots is hitting the road this week for a mega-road trip that will see the sprinter van on the move to the SE, making dealer stops for demos and hitting events.

This looks to be serious…..

First up on the trip is a weekend at SNAKE CREEK GAP in Georgia.  March 1st is the final in the three race series and looks to be a good one.  Oh, and we are also GIVING away a Moots frame to one lucky raffle entry.

Steeped in history

Mattyp and Corey from Moots will be on hand to demo bikes and talk all things Moots.  Look for them at the finish line with the Moots tent and van and stop by and say hi.

Ready to rumble at the SNAKE



Cactus and dust…and a little reminder from us!

All photos credit: Devon Balet

Our crew has returned from the 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo none the worse for wear.  A little dusty, a little tired, a little sunburt, but pretty happy they got to rip some desert single track in the middle of February.  The fact that these guys could go out and put down some consistent times is pretty amazing, considering we haven’t seen single track around here since mid-October. Off the couch and onto the bike right?

The event was once again sold out long before the starting gun went off.  This was our 2nd year as the official bike sponsor of the event. We had not only our racer support area and camp set up, but we also had a great spot in the expo area.  Always nice to meet so many fans of our bikes.

24 Hour Town under nightfall


Sunset or sunrise??  Hard to tell after many hours in the saddle.



It’s about this time each winter that “it” starts.  We’ve been in full winter mode for a good long time here in Steamboat.  The snow started falling early this season…..early October, like the first week of October!  Since then it’s been pretty steady. That puts us a solid 4 months in….Living in a “ski town”, we expect this.  But as the years roll by and you spend more time here, each winter gets just that little bit harder to deal with.  This is by no means a bitching post about winter and how rough we have it. We live in an amazing place…. It’s about the light at the end of the tunnel.  That “it” mentioned above.  Each of us try to embrace winter in our own ways; for some it’s the season they live for, for others it’s the season they get out and do some type of activity that keeps them from going crazy until the roads melt out, then the fields, then the trails.  A cycle that repeats itself every year.

Now we are in mid-February and it’s a short month to boot.  Soon it will be March and the lowlands towards the deserts will be warming up and calling us to ride trails and roads.  We escape with loaded cars to camp, ride and shed some layers.  This next week our local schools are closed for “Blues Break”… can figure out by the name of it, that it’s timing is about winter, a break…..feeling blue from the depths of winter.  After Blues Break we have our Spring Break in late April after the ski area has closed down.  The migration of mountain people to places like Fruita, Moab and beyond is pretty amazing. We set up small cities while camping, soak up the sun and put those miles on legs that have been turning skis instead of pedals.

That “it” for me is the itch to start riding more and skiing less.  I can feel it happening right about now….but for now I can’t reach that spot, so embracing winter for a couple more weeks will have to be the way…….for now.


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