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Production Coordinator

The Production Coordinator plays a critical link to ensure strong communication and efficiency between every customer order, production scheduling and departmental workflow.  This role will work directly under the Production Manager, but actively engage with all departments and quickly responsive to all communication needs between departments.

Responsibilities Include

  • Review all new orders for completeness and accuracy
  • Set lead times for each order based on current production capacity and work flow
  • Enter all new orders into production system for scheduling
  • Track tubeset inventory used for new orders and monitor completed inventory
  • Work with Production Manager to schedule weekly work list for each department
  • Ensure each department’s finish list is updated in our production system
  • Update inventory usage, and work with each production department to best track inventory
  • Support each department in their Small Part Parts inventory forecasts/projection; ensure everyone has what they need to
  • Manage all production status update inquiries from Sales Team and respond promptly
  • Manage all production change requests from the Sales Team
  • Work with Production Manager to establish current lead time estimates and update Sales Team on status weekly
  • Identify orders that might be at risk of finishing behind schedule and communicate the status to Sales Team and Parts Manager
  • Provide Parts Manager with Final Finish Date projections weekly to coordinate parts picking and allocation
  • Help manage/improve systems and tools associate with production tracking and communication

The Production Coordinator requires strong analytical, problem solving and organizational skills.  In addition this role must maintain impeccable communication with every department on work flow, order changes and optimizations.  Knowing the basics of bicycle frame building, or production management background are a must.  Proficiency in Excel and working with inventory systems are needed.

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