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November 2015
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Kelsey, Dad, Ely, Mr. Robson, Tim Faia

Yesterday Colorado Cyclocrossers lined up for Castle Cross, which is held near the front range town of Castle Rock.  This race was number 7 of 11 in the Colorado Cup Series, which assured us that all the fast guys would show up to continue their point chase.  Our group of 35+ Masters is a tight knit group….good people that pursue their passion of Cyclocross while holding down “real jobs” and family duties at the same time, but are super savvy racers that have a lifetime of base miles and mad skills at the ready.

Moots Supporters Club brings the noise…..

Not only a good crew of racers where on hand, but “Team Moots” also had our own “Moots Supporters” at the ready.  My wife, kids, sister and brother-in-law came out in force for the day. My family (wife and kids) go above and beyond supporting me during the Cyclocross season.  My sister and her husband have seen me race Cyclocross for the last 12+ years, Baltimore Maryland Nationals 2001, Super Cup, Colorado USGP’s and Colorado State Championships, you name it, they are game…complete with beers and brass horns to cheer me on.   They are such great people that entertain my needs to ride a perfectly good bike through the mud during the winter, thanks Mike & Simone Rogers! You are the best..…..I am honored.

Michael Robson hits the triple barriers as my sister cheers him on…

The course in Castle Rock was a great mix of pavement, dirt and grass.  It had all the qualities a good cross course should have and then some.  The flow of the course and the transitions between surfaces kept you on your toes, while the elevation changes seemed to grow bigger with every lap.

Two Cariveaus’ …one on the bike, one on the horn….

New product to come?….official Moots Supporter jackets….2012…Cariveau on the barriers

My teammate Michael Robson leads the Colorado Cup with a commanding total of points, with myself making up ground on the group with every race. I like to think I got him into cross several years ago, when he came to shoot the Moots catalog.  Now he’s a full-on two-bike, gear-freak on wheels…anyway,  we charged off the line and the normal sort out on the first lap took place, horns blowing full blast as we hit the barriers…..we found ourselves on the front of the race after lap one and got into a groove.  This is where the fun part starts…once in the groove we talked back and forth around the course…mostly in one word blurbs between heavy breaths….”go”, “hopright”, “I’mhere”, “easy”, “pushoverthehill”….we had this going pretty good until the last lap, when Tim Faia closed in on me….as we hit the bottom of the major hill for the last time I muttered to Michael.…. “youdbettergonow!”  About another 30 seconds and Tim came by me and I was unable to get his wheel…….Robson took the win, Tim 2nd I rolled in for  3rd. We got Tim in the Moots “titanium sandwich” as he rides a carbon fibre rig…but we don’t hold that against him….…not a bad day and loads of fun with good friends and family….the way it should be…

The Zuper supporters….

Today we drink from a new cup! (photo Tim Faia poach)




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