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November 2015
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Tour de Colorado

The Moots camp: West Summit Rabbit Ears Pass 2011

WOW….I’m cooked and I didn’t even ride up the pass.  This last week and especially last Friday & Saturday was amazing for Colorado cycling and our little town of Steamboat Springs.  Like we have always known, Steamboat rallies for events no matter the discipline or season..Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall.  The buzz was good leading up to the event, which I refer to as the Tour de Colorado, because I personally could not spit out the long winded mess of branding that became The USA Procycling Challenge/Millennium Promise/Quiznos/Smash Burger/ etc, etc, etc…..Once you got past the naming there was a ton of great stuff going down.  For a first year race they had the big names, a pretty good course and for the most part great weather.

From the sounds of it, they have secured funding for a 2012 return of the race, which is great for all.  As a cycling fan I was really excited to have a big time race come through our state and have pros lay-waste to the same roads me & my friends ride each week.  On top of that I was looking forward to camping on a pass with my kids and have them witness something special.  Back in 2000 me & my wife made our honey moon a trip to France to see the country and yes, see some of Le Tour.  We camped, we slept in a rental car, we made friends, we painted the roads and waived the American flag.

Last Friday night we got to do all of that again, however this time we had a 7 year old and a 5 year old to share the times.  Something special indeed.  So when the race came by the Moots camp Saturday, we yelled, cheered and waived that same flag from 11 years ago over the peloton as they passed.  The kids? Well, they thought it was pretty cool….Ely wore the shirt Any Schleck signed just a couple of weeks ago and cheered him on as he passed.

The Moots crew showed up en-mass Saturday morning after riding from the factory as a group….run what-you-brung was the theme of the day….a variety of bikes made that trip up 3000 vertical feet.  Once the crew arrived we had coffee, donuts and a few morning beers….Once in the proper “mood” we crowded the pass from 3 lanes down to one corridor of noise.

If the race just so happens to come through Steamboat Springs next year, we’ll be here, ready to do it bigger & better at least on the Moots end of things. We’ve got 360 days to plan, so make yours….Steamboat August 2012 Tour of Colorado….we’ll be waiting.

Some photos from our time with the race:  MOOTS FLICKR


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