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November 2015
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It is that time of year again, when athletes take on a course that is tougher than the Tour De France and supported by small convenience stores from Canada to Mexico.  Riding 2745 miles along the Continental Divide Route, relying on your own self-support system, bivy sack and Slim Jims brings a whole different meaning to grit.

This year is extra special for Moots.  We have been involved with Tour Divide riders for several years and by “involved” we mean building that special bike that will take the athletes to the finish and beyond. Some of the frames going back to the Tour Divide have seen more than one ride down this route.

We have our own local hardman Erik Lobeck gunning for the win.  He’s back at it again, and due to our very mild winter he managed to log miles that could only be deemed insane.  Day after day, week after week he has been spotted on his rig many miles away from Steamboat chasing the dream of the Tour Divide.

Moots is also very happy to be supporting Tracy Burge, a school teacher from Ohio that wants to become the oldest women to complete the route.  Tracy has a determined outlook on the event and has been logging training miles while holding down her teaching job, which means squeezing in rides before work, during work and long into the night to make her dream come true.  Tracy has an amazing support crew around her, they have banned together to raise funds, create awareness and send Tracy on her way. You can read more on Tracy’s blog here: CONQUER THE DIVIDE

Tracy underwent an indept fit session with Mitch at BIOWHEELS

Both Tracy & Eric are relying on their Mooto X Ybb’s to see them through to the end….way down on the Mexico border.  2745 miles, 200,000 feet of climbing total, spending days in the backcountry that can only be captured in the mind.  Bivy sack, bear spray, nasty weather, and broken bike parts…..what could be more epic?

Moots will be posting daily updates as Tracy & Erik ride south along the route.  At some point they will pass within 200 yards of the Moots factory, we’ll grab some video, photos and send them on their way south.

Just thinking about what they are doing and looking at the map really makes one feel very, very, small.

You can read more or follow along at the TOUR DIVIDE web site or click on the SPOT TRACKER below.


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