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November 2015
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It’s about this time each winter that “it” starts.  We’ve been in full winter mode for a good long time here in Steamboat.  The snow started falling early this season…..early October, like the first week of October!  Since then it’s been pretty steady. That puts us a solid 4 months in….Living in a “ski town”, we expect this.  But as the years roll by and you spend more time here, each winter gets just that little bit harder to deal with.  This is by no means a bitching post about winter and how rough we have it. We live in an amazing place…. It’s about the light at the end of the tunnel.  That “it” mentioned above.  Each of us try to embrace winter in our own ways; for some it’s the season they live for, for others it’s the season they get out and do some type of activity that keeps them from going crazy until the roads melt out, then the fields, then the trails.  A cycle that repeats itself every year.

Now we are in mid-February and it’s a short month to boot.  Soon it will be March and the lowlands towards the deserts will be warming up and calling us to ride trails and roads.  We escape with loaded cars to camp, ride and shed some layers.  This next week our local schools are closed for “Blues Break”… can figure out by the name of it, that it’s timing is about winter, a break…..feeling blue from the depths of winter.  After Blues Break we have our Spring Break in late April after the ski area has closed down.  The migration of mountain people to places like Fruita, Moab and beyond is pretty amazing. We set up small cities while camping, soak up the sun and put those miles on legs that have been turning skis instead of pedals.

That “it” for me is the itch to start riding more and skiing less.  I can feel it happening right about now….but for now I can’t reach that spot, so embracing winter for a couple more weeks will have to be the way…….for now.


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