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November 2015
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Winter closes in….

Mid-November already? Where did Fall go? What’s that cold white stuff taking over the ground?

Ah yes, it is that time of year when even the most hardy Winter lovers start to say…..”I’m really not ready for winter”. Here in our little corner of Northwest Colorado we find ourselves lucky to have made it this far before the real cold and real snowfall are here for good…as in until April or May…..  We countdown those outside rides that don’t require all of your clothing to be layered until you look like Randy from A Christmas Story:

Where’s my bike?

For some of us we prolong the end of the cycling season by putting our efforts into racing and riding Cyclocross for as long as our schedules will allow.  Family time, weekends and lunch rides are all pushed to the limit to try and make it to the end of the season.  This year we are treated to an extended season of “field riding” or Veldrijden as the Dutch would say.  Our North American season goes until mid-January if you can make that push and have the much needed desire to suffer like the Europeans do during the very short days of deep Winter we now have that option.  Sounds fun right? Yep, I though so.

Some of the staff here at Moots have been making the trip to the front range to participate in races since September.  We are wearing a groove into I-70 for sure.  Exactly 161.2 miles (one way) to most of the cross racing venues.  What can we say? We love this sport and suffer in more ways than just on the bike to make it happen.  Mental in some ways.

Sales Director Matt Alford gives his best during Boulder Cup Weekend at Valmont Bike Park…running the 5280 stairs, with the style of Bart Wellens (nice arm around the head tube carry).

What’s better than handbuilt bikes? Handbuilt Embrocation made by our own Matty P

During the season there are some casualties along the way….bruises, broken chains, broken spirits.  Our season started out dry, dusty and no so crossy.  Then the front range started to get some snow and then some more snow….usually just in time for the weekend round of races, making things a lovely muddy mess for several weekends in a row.  The mud tires have been seeing use….to the point of destroying some along the way.  What do you do with a tire that looks like this:

A rotting sidewall due to moisture being trapped under Aqual Seal…..the end to a tire the start of something very cool:

Matty P’s girl friend turned the rotted tire into a new belt… Just my size…(32c of course).

Blue skies and mud….nothing better this time of year.

Michael Robson~podium bound at Boulder Cup 2011.

It’s almost Thanksgiving and we push on towards the shorter days of the year…along with that will come more cold, more snow and hopefully more races to help us fend off old man Winter for just a little longer.  Tempatures in the high 30′s are all of a sudden balmy…..hmm…..I’m not ready.


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